Trout Pod Up In Winter Video

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    Finally reset my PW so I can post and not just read on here...
    I was out fishing with some pals last month for trout, there was a lot of snow on the ground, and it was cold. We moved around, hits lot of water, and dabbled in the whiskey until we finally found a great hole with great fish...lots of them. I'd hooked up with quite a few so I decided to put my camera under water. I didn't watch the video until I was back that night but was blown away, there were ALOT of bows hanging out together in this hole, and you could not see then from above (see video below). I typically always find the trout pod up together in the winter (when I hook one I make sure to fish the water well...), but always curious WHY they pod up like this. I haven't bothered to search the forum for an answer, so I'll do that when I have some time, but either way thought you'd appreciate the video below:

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    Nice video. I like that you can see all of the stuff flowing downstream.
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    Stop lying that was the trout pool at the fair!
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    I wish! That video ruined me, you know how many times I stick my hand and camera into a freezing hole hoping for the same results...too many.
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    There's so much potential here it's hard to know where to begin.....
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    Ha Ha, I could dabble. I don't think I could that bad boy in there, anything less then warm. Let alone my hand too,
  7. I think they pod up because their habitat needs merge at that time, and there's only so many places that scratch that itch just the right way.