Trout & Salmon of North America

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  1. Hey folks, in my capacity for a certain online bookseller I happened to meet with the Simon & Schuster sales rep last Friday. One of the fall books pitched was Robert Behnke's "Trout and Salmon of North America," due out in October from the Free Press imprint. This is great news. Periodically on fly-fishing BBs around the country the question goes out: When the heck will Behnke get around to publishing his life's work? Rumor had it that the noted fish biologist (and TU columnist) was working on a definitive guide to the often confusing world of salmonid evolution, biology, ecology, and identification. Well now you know. I'm not sure if this book will make IDing dollies from bulls any easier, but it *will* offer 100 full-color illustrations by Joseph Tomelleri, range maps, and extensive text--along with identification tips--from Behnke, who thankfully is more readable than your average scientist. Tom McGuane supplies the foreword (he that penned: "When the trout are lost, smash the state."). It's not cheap: list price is $40, so it's going on my x-mas wish list. Good action!
  2. I've read the reviews and their great - Perhaps a bit technically dense, but should be great winter reading/studying.



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