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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by McNasty, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Not quite sure what i want yet but im just putting some feelers out there. looking for a 4/5 wt. trout spey rod or complete setup, used but in good condition is fine by me. dont need anything too fancy.
  2. Allen Olympic 10' 8" 4wt

    Killer stick I've been punishing trout on it the last few days and its a blast. Incidentally whapped two steelies on it and it had enough balls to take care of that too.
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  3. hmmmm i DO love allen. lookin into it thanks!
  4. Echo SR 4wt is a great rod and affordable. Beulah also has the classic model that isnt as much as platinum. Also if you buy a complete setup from Anil at puget sound fly comp. you will get backing running line and skagit head for FREE!. Something yo think about. You would save just as much buying used cuz you wont have to buy lines.
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  5. Echo 4 wt switch owner checkin in. I love mine pairdd with 275 skagit short
  6. 270 grain scandi was doo doo the 32 foot head was a bitxh
  7. got a good line on a dec hogan 11' 9" 4 wt. should be payin for it in the morning.
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  8. 275 should -300 should be the ticket
  9. Hopefully you get it soon thats a badass rod. Think big fish with big sculpins!

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