Trout Unlimited Colorado XT Pontoon Boat

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Connor Parrish, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. Connor Parrish Member

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    Im literally tired of kicking my way across a lake that I am trying to explore only to find no fish and get stuck out in an unexpected lightning storm. So im looking to buy the Trout Unlimited Colorado XT Pontoon. My only issue is that I am a Jr. at WSU and don’t have a ton of room to store it. Do any of you know how big this pontoon is when it is deflated? I do have a storage closest but not much else. And can anyone say if it is a good buy @ $500? Any info would be great! Thanks

    -Connor Parrish
  2. boyd72 Northwestman

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    Size is relative to room? The pontoons will roll up, so it's the frame that will take up the most room. On some pontoons the frame will come apart and store easily and some not so much. Do the research and decide what is going to be good for you. Long trips to the lake or short trips to the pond, and what you have time for. There is defiantly a toon for you it just depends on what your needs are.:beer1:
  3. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Connor, what is under your bed? If you have storage there, enough clearance for the tallest part of the frame (oar masts) then you should be able to stow it beneath your bed. If you can't put it under your bed just hang it from the ceiling, on a wall, behind a door...

    I have my one man toon atop a large workbench between the upper supports/shelf and the ceiling of my garage. Before I had it there it would hang from four points in the ceiling of my garage above the hood of my truck and the hood of my wife's car.

    I agree with Boyd72, look around, find a deal and the type of toon that will suit your needs and also fit your storage limitations. Good luck.
  4. NomDeTrout Fly Guy Eat Pie

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    Connor, I have a pontoon that is similar size but the Creek Co Super Sport XR 9ft. When broken down, all parts fit into my trunk of a small sedan. With that being said, I've heard alot of great things about Trout Unlimited Products, but check this deal out:

    $500 pontoon - black friday sale for $300.

    I bought the same pontoon awhile ago for a similar deal and its been used extensively for lake fishing and held up great. Stuffs right in my trunk and easy to setup and break down, the frame breaks apart into small parts via small clips that make it very quick and easy to take apart.
  5. Loteck Joe Over The Hill Gang Member

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    I bought one of the Colorado XT boats because it's a big boat and I'm a big guy. Turns out that the boat was too big for my liking. At your age, you may not have any trouble handling the 77 pounds on dry land. But at my age and diminished strength I had trouble loading it in a pickup bed by myself. I sold mine and got a Caddis Navigator II float tube. You may want to consider some of the ODC products. I used to have the ODC 816 and I liked it. FWIW.
  6. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Hey Joe. Go lift some weights or practice picking up the pontoon boat that you used to have. And push yourself away from the table sooner. :p:p:p:p:p

    I know food tastes good if it cooked right. I have lost a few pounds since last year and feel shitty for it.
  7. Connor Parrish Member

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    Thanks guys for all the info. I found the owner’s manual online and looks like it can break down and fit either in my storage closet or under my bed. But I’m going to keep looking at all the toons out there. I know there will be some good deals online with Christmas just weeks away and i have a few months before most lakes open back up. Thanks again for all the advice!:thumb:

    -Connor Parrish
  8. Loteck Joe Over The Hill Gang Member

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    I hear ya Jim. I'm down about 30 pounds from last year and still weak as a kitten. :hmmm:
  9. Tim Morrison Member

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    i wouldnt pay 500 for the colorado its not what i would concider a quality pontoon. the water skeeter for sale in the forum is a much better boat for much less.
  10. jumbo215 Jasper hickman

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    absolutly too much! Id try and check out some ODC or fish cat products, they produce some middle of the road stuff for a reasonable price. But beyond that Id check the classifieds or craigslist and youll be able to get an amazing boat for the $500 range.

  11. Warmonger newt

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    do a search function on the EXACT boat. I got it from Costco and returned it. Mostly from the fact it was very loose... meaning the frame.

    Lot of bang for the buck though. and not to bad to pack inside of a durango. I just inflated the toons at the fishing site. I never took it on a class II river that it advertises it for. Costco brand is the SAME and they have a better upgraded one also. Outfitter X9
    Pontoon Boat i think???? frame was too loose for my preferences, but good room and lots of bags for storage. I kinda regret taking it back, but i feel buying a better one will be worth it!
  12. NomDeTrout Fly Guy Eat Pie

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    Had that same pontoon for awhile but ended up getting my money back. Be careful with that pontoon, the plastic part on the airpump COMMONLY breaks which makes it near impossible to pump the pontoon. Mine broke twice before I said screw it and demanded my money back from Costco.
  13. slim Fish or Ski...Fish or!

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    Connor, My wife bought me that same pontoon 2 years ago as a gift. Was it what I would have bought probably not, but I have used it on a bunch of different trips now and really like it. My frame fits perfectly, it breaks down nice and it comes with a lot of features that typically don't with other boats. I've seen it on Craigslist for a lot cheaper and would consider it a very good value. I've taken it over some Class II/III water with no problems, but wouldn't want to take it over anything above that.
  14. Jon Viebrock Livin down by the river, eating gov'ment cheese...

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    Never heard a good review of the colorado pontoon boats, or any other boat made by that manufacturer. Save your money dude, get a quality boat. There are lots of colorado boats on craigs list all the time that have only been used once and are selling for less than half of new. There's a reason for that, and it's not that all those people have given up on fishing.......
  15. Flyborg Active Member

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    When it comes to pontoons, especially at that price... buy quality.
  16. Mark Moore Just a Member

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    Mumbles is an Irish Fan, well I'll be...sure wish we had hired Urban Meyer when we had the chance.

    Connor, I have that boat from Costco for $300, although it is $350 now. Knowing what I know now and with stating you can spend $500 Buy a ODC 1018 used. There is one on the Portland Craigslist right now for $500 and it's twice the boat. My boat works fine for what I use it for but the ODC will last you the rest of your life.
  17. Connor Parrish Member

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    Thanks guys! You are always very helpful when I have a question. I probably wont buy one for a few months so I will take my time and use all of your suggestions to find the best pontoon that I can buy in my price range. Great info from everyone!

    -Connor Parrish
  18. Warmonger newt

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    also i just thought of this.... damn i am stupid, i should have done this....

    ......well any ways

    you can RENT one from a local guide shop and "test" it out on the water plus go fishing!

    well i will be giving reds a call soon!
  19. ryan2202 Member

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    I have a Trout Unlimited Pontoon as well...and I am able to roll up the 'toons, and break down the oars and frame to the space it takes up in my garage very little...pictured below is what I have, and I am very pleased with this pontoon. The quick set up and take down, the easy maneuverability (sp)...I found mine on craigslist (NOT USED OR EVER SET UP, still in box) for under $200. If you have a small storage area and even like one person said, space under your bed, that would be plenty enough room!

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  20. Bank Bum Member

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