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  1. scabbz

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    hey all, I'm leaving tomorrow (Thursday) for Washington. Any advice regarding where to fish in the Buckly/Enumclaw area, or within one or two hours driving distance would be appreciated. I'll have my 5 wt. and would love to get into some trout....I'd fish for bass, pike or carp for that matter!!! Just need to fish!
  2. Rob Blomquist

    Rob Blomquist Formerly Tight Loops

    Trout fishing in the PNW is where you find it. And out in the enumclaw/buckley area, you're alot closer than we are to good fishing.

    Try the Green, White and Greenwater Rivers for trout and steelhead. I know the Green gets some summer run fish, but I don't know about the White. Soos Creek is a nice small stream that is quite healthy but underfished. The Cedar River is closed to all fishing. As to the lakes, many contain bass, but there are few pike in this state. Carp are everywhere in the lakes.

  3. scabbz

    scabbz New Member

    Thank you for the information; my trip will be better for having it. If you could bring one rod, would it be the 5 wt? My only next option is a 9.
  4. DW

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    Yes, you'll be just fine with a 5wt. That's my go-to rod!

    Good luck and have fun while you're here!

    - DW
  5. Kringle

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    Rob, You mentioned that the Soos Creek is nice but under fished. Any suggestions on where that can be accessed. I live in Kent and the sections I've seen of Soos Creek don't hold fish. Have you got a secret spot you're willing to share? Chris
  6. Rob Blomquist

    Rob Blomquist Formerly Tight Loops

    I have never fished Soos creek, but I did set up several long term monitoring sites on it years ago. There is a nice section down in the ravine just above the hatchery. I recall getting quite wet in there when I stumbled in hip waders during the setup of stations. So there are some nice pools in there.

    Really, wherever one fishes in King County one is likely to find cutthroat. No joke, that's what my fisheries buddies tell me. I just had a friend tell me of fishing Juanita Creek in Kirkland right near its mouth on Lake Washington. He fished dries on a 4 wt, and had a blast catching 6 to 10 inch fish, all of 2 miles from his house.

    Fish a 5 weight or less, take it casual, and enjoy yourself.

  7. dryfly

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    Question, I live 3 blocks from Juanita Crk. (just north of the county park and the point where the creek enters Lk. Wa.).

    I can't find my regs. book right now, but isn't this a closed to all fishing area? I'm really not sure, but if you know the answer great!
    If that's the case, forget me driving someplace after work, I'll walk a few blocks with my 4wt and vest of flies and have at it :)

    Humm.. urban flyflicking.. has a nice ring to it.
  8. flogger

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    Yeah guys, watch the regs. I don't know about Juanita, but I know Soos is closed above the hatchery and for a few hundred yards below it. Doesn't leave much from there down to the Green, but there is some access.
  9. Rob Blomquist

    Rob Blomquist Formerly Tight Loops

    Totally wrong.

    The statwide rule for fishing for trout on Rivers, Streams and Beaver Ponds is open from June 1 to October 31 unless otherwise restricted by the rules (pg 56). Fishing on Soos Creek is not regulated above the salmon hatchery rack (pg 86). Consequently, the statewide rule comes into play.

    Juanita Creek is not mentioned in the stream specific regs, so statewide rules apply, and it is open to the fishing for trout from 6/1 to 10/31.

    So, I agree, watch the regs, but understand what they mean, and you will find one amazing amount of water open all around you this summer.
    Also notice that lakes are open year around except where mentioned in the specific lake rules. So any no name that is not mentioned can be fished year around.

    I guess I just left my secret out. Damn.

  10. Kringle

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    Don't worry Rob, I won't deplete the residents of Soos Creek. I'm just starting so if I catch anything I'm happy. And yes, I would defintely release it!! I just need some practice on a small stream. Gotta get that roll cast down!! I appreciate the info. amybe I'll see ya there, I'll probably be trying to get my line out of a tree. Thanks again! Kringle