Truckee River, CA

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    Just an update from a split personality (i live 6mo in WA and the other 6 in Truckee, CA).

    The last few days have been fair/good fishing on the Truckee River in CA through town and just east of town in the 'Grand Canyon' section. Fishing stonefly beadhead patterns size 10 or so with a second emerger pattern about 14in back is working well. Like always on the truckee patience is the key, but the warm(er) weather has produced several small hatches in the late afternoon/evening.

    Just like many of the rivers in the Pacific, California has pretty much damned every one, except for the Smith...and probably one other or so. Thus, it's interesting to read how fish populations and species have adapted and persevered through the torment of humans. Needless to say, I wish many of the rivers in the West were free of damns, etc. but that is for another day. The Truckee is one such river with incredible you chills to read about the powerful and huge Lahontan Cutthroat (now in Pyramid Lake, NV) that roamed the deep pools and spawned in the riverbeds of the Truckee River. But the lore lives on...with due diligence and patience one will hook in to a mighty 'bow or brown that lurks in the shadows...

    I hooked into one today. The kind of strike that makes your heart stop. The bend of your rod that is just a little more fierce. The line racing from the real like it's on fire. It took off down stream. Then of course the line broke. All I could muster to myself is 'SON OF A B..' operator error of course - or 7 of 8 moons were aligned for that monster to take my fly...only needed that last moon to land it ;)

    If anyone up in WA is ever in the Tahoe area, swing by the Truckee for a chance at some nice Rainbows and Browns and stop at 50/50 Brewery after . . . and remember, they don't call it the 'Toughey' for nothing!

    Happy Fishing ;)

    pic is of a nice rainbow landed and released on 3.26

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  2. Gary Thompson

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    Very nice.
    Getting your ass handed to ya is a good time also.
    Good report.
  3. Sean Beauchamp

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    nice i need to get down to cali one of these days. the fishing around mammoth looks pretty ill.

    thanks for sharing.
  4. 1morecast

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    Nice fish!! I use to live in truckee and I agree you can find some big fish in Eastern Sierra waters. And of course this time of year there is Pyramid lake.....
  5. Roger Stephens

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    Enjoyed reading your report!

    It brought back a lot of good memories as I lived in Reno for 5 years(late 1960's to early 1970's). I spent many summer evenings fishing the Truckee River from the California/Nevada border down to Verdi. The fishing was excellent and I caught many large german brown trout in that section. If there was no wind, the caddis hatches were incredible. I enjoyed fishing between the powerhouses as there was a lot of nice pocket that was easy to fish. The water flumes had wooden planking on top that could be walked. It helped to access a lot of good water. 1/2 to 3/4 mi. could be cover in an evening without seeing anyone else. This solitude has undoubtly changed.

  6. Beautiful fish man
  7. ZigZag

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    great report! Love that river, I have fished every turnout from Truckee down to pyramid lake. I look forward to fishing it again soon.
  8. Dman


    Would love to see some pics of the Lahontan's if you get a chance...
  9. Kevin J. Burnham

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    I love that place !!!
  10. Scout172

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    The Truckee is a beautiful river, but for some reason I have always had horrible luck fishing there. I can catch trout in most other rivers/streams, including some pretty tough ones like Hot Creek...but the Truckee continues to kick my arse. With that said, I am heading out to Pyramid in about 2 weeks for my annual spring trip out there. Time for some trout sightfishing :thumb:

    Paul W