Trying out some custom bamboo rods, interested?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by golfman65, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Both excellent ideas. I put a call in to the park ranger to check availability on the cabins. Looks like there are 2 and each sleeps 4. I left a message and will let everyone know when I hear back.
  2. Nooksack thats football right? ;)

    I would be into a hut if there is enough interest to make it worthwhile. Sound like acool spot for a group.

    I am currently sitting in the 100+ people cue to get my dam passport renued. Realized last night that it had expired in dec.
  3. Eric. I am planning on arriving friday the 20th sometime in the afternoon. So see about 2 cabin days? Less stuff to bring if possible.
  4. Canecaster,

    The Adirondack hut is just a 3-sided shelter, not a real cabin. You still have to bring a thermarest and bedroll of some kind, but they're much more convenient than pitching a tent in the rain. Makes for a nice sleeping shelter and covered eating area near the camp fire.

    Good luck on the passport. I had to renew mine last year, and it took about 2 weeks.

  5. James,

    This looks like a perfect opportunity to see more of your work and take them for a test drive! I'm hoping I can make the trip.

    Scott T.
  6. I'll have to confirm my attendance for sure but I'd be willing to pitch in for a cabin or hut if there is space available.

    Scott T.
  7. If you guys want to rent anything I would suggest you get on it. The Skagit is full of eagle gawkers right now and they likely have most everything reserved up.
  8. Scott. Cool. now I don't have to email you about it :)
    Do you think you can make it? it's not too far for you?

  9. James, It's an adventure but doable! I'm going to see what I can do to make it happen. If you guys don't mind the newbie to the group...

  10. Hey all. I was just looking into licenses online... it appears that I have left it too late to purchase online (steelhead/salmon) so can anyone tell me where I can stop into an buy a license from that might be kinda on my way?
  11. James,

    I think all Fred Meyer stores sell fishing licenses. There must be one in B'ham near the freeway.

  12. Thanx SG.
    Just checked it out and there are 2-3 just off I-5 in Bellingham so that should work out.
    Cheers for that.
  13. I have begun to realize that, haha. I was just full of zeal after staring at a step by step 11'6" 6wt build on clarks, and then seeing this post here! I think I am going to build a couple of single handers and go from there.
  14. I'm interested! Would love to try some cane out.. might give me an exuse to wrap the cane blank I have and see what it is! Either weeikend works for me...
  15. James as you drive up to Rockport you'll pass through Concrete...The Apple or whatever they call the grocery store you'll pass on your right sells licenses...
  16. J.S. was that Shamburg's write up?

    Xgolf. Thanx, that's even better, one stop.... beer, food, license..
  17. gents, both adirondacks are available that weekend. Who is interested in camping?
  18. I'm interested Eric. I thought about checking on a cabin as I don't have all of my camping gear at hand due to "winter" but if they are reasonably protected it's better than tent camping.

  19. Eric,

    I was going to call and reserve a cabin or Adirondack today, but got too tied up with work. Tomorrow morning I'll try and get one.


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