Trying out some custom bamboo rods, interested?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by golfman65, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. See ya then Matt.
  2. Kerry...How's it looking up there?
  3. I made it down the hill this morning for the first time in 2 days. About 10 inches at my house this morning with temps in the mid twenties and a light snow falling. Valley floor temps were in the low thirties and a light rain coming down. I expect things to warm up and everything turn to rain today. Up river could be dicey for a few days. They likely have more snow than I do and it will take a bit longer to warm up. What we need to find out about is road conditions heading up river. I will try to find out more information about 20 heading up to Rockport. If the hyway is decent and you don't mind walking thru a bit of snow to get to the river everything should be fine.
  4. I'm going to go fill the growlers this afternoon and see how the streets are. I think I should be able to get to the freeway just fine. If things on the 20 look okay, then I'm still in and I'll head up Saturday in the late morning.
  5. Well the Narrows bridge is closed...Ex won't be able to get my daughter for the weekend. So at this point I am out. Was looking forward to this. Can someone make a nice write up on the rods. James hope things go well and the river is in shape for you.
    Tight Lines...
  6. A call to the Rockport Store and I am told that Hyway 20 is pretty clear.

    Steady rain now with temps high thirties to low forties. Keep an eye on the river. She will blow out at some point.
  7. Well let's hope it doesn't do this..

    My daughter goes to school at Willamette in Salem..this is what is happening down there..
  8. I just spoke with SalmoG. He rented the adirondack for tonight and tomorrow. He won't be up there till tomorrow. Anyone who wants to use the adirondack tonight should do it. He already paid for it after all.

    Go Sox,
  9. See you all up least gonna make a try for it...I'll stop and get dogs,buns and chips on the way up...good luck and look forward to it..
  10. HEY AWESOME TIME GUYS!! For my first meet up with this group of guys I was thoroughly impressed with not only the level of skill and willingness to share knowledge but just a great group of guys. We had quite the turn out considering how nasty the weather down south was. James brought a bunch of beautiful rods for people to try and as well as a number of guys who brought some really cool stuff to look at and cast. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to catch up with some of you on the river again.

    thanks again,

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