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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Bob Jones, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. View attachment 29951 I was trying to simplfy things, cut down on the weight etc. Last month I thought if I'm having trouble hauling the vest with full pockets around I need to cut way back. So I found that if I planned right I could carry a fly box or two in my shirt pockets and a little in my wader pocket and the other neccessities on a lanyard I could travel on a stream quite light. Thinking of things I had at home I could make one myself, I've been playing around and this is what I came up with. I made one for my sister and had to pick up a few things, so now I could make a few more if some one is interested. Dependinig on how much I put into it something between $12 and $20. PM me or I have added a few pictures of ones I've bult since this post. they are in my gallery Photos. take a
  2. Nice job Bob! I too made my own a few years ago and love it. Grab the lanyard and a few boxes and go fishing....
    Especially great in the heat of summer or when wearing a rain jacket.
  3. Thannks Joe, yeah I don't know why I waited so long, Haven't been on the river yet but it seems to fit and hold the gear I need. I'm still playing so I may find even better things to use.
  4. Thta is a great lanyard Bob. I have one very similar and find that on hot days, in a boat or on the beach it can't be beat. The trouble with most commercial made rigs is their inherint weight, stiffness and cost. Ya can't find one you like and when you do...way too much dough.
  5. Thanks Bob, that was my thinking to start with. Now I have extra pieces so could custom make a few more to requests. We do a lot of crafting things here anyway so it's one more fun thing to do. Can't wait for my sister to get here so we can get out togeather and I can show her the sound and maybe some of the East slope. I've got hers finished and others that I am playing with, I'll post pictures in my gallery photos.
  6. What do you think? Did I miss the boat? Did I leave out something? Are there things that you would buy or add? I'm trying to make these as good as I can and I need to make my own good too. I'm going to surprize my sister when she gets here with her own all equiped so we can fish togeather for the first time. Thanks for any suggestions. They can certainly be custom made the way you want.
  7. Tippet, nippper, knot tool, leader straightener, floatant, sink and some flies? Did not see any hemostats, maybe a thermometer if you are into that. You seemed to have nailed it Bob. I hope I'm smart enough to follow your lead. I carry way too much stuff.
  8. Thanks Ed I'm making the lanyards but pictured mine with the tools, I'm only supplying the attachments so you can choose your own tools That suit you. More pics in my gallery photos.
  9. LOL - gotta say it, looks like something a Shaman Medicine man would have around his neck...on the other hand, the noise of that much gear rattling around your neck while busting brush should scare any near-by bears off... :)
  10. Surfnfish, I don't think you'd want to be wearing it while busting brush.Next thing is you'd be hanging up until it broke and scattered your stuff all over. It wouldn't be that hard to fold into a pocket or what ever until you're on the stream. I shook mine and the only things that rattle were ths metal tools hung side by side so I'll move them apart. I fished some nice Oregon beaches and really didn't bust much brush and the waves or surf would cover any sound. It all depends what you want to carry and thats fine I'm certainly not getting rid of my vests or fanny packs for when I need them. Besides what would I do with all the stuff I put in those 24 little pockets? I've never run into a bear in my back packing days and the one that came into camp is still in California and she left because she was too late for lunch.
  11. Bob. The lanyard looks great. The only thing I would add is brake-away link. It's a safety issue. If you get it hung up on something on the water it could cause you problems. Try a net magnet or a ID badge lanyard snap link. If you are worried about it coming off on accident you could clip it to your shirt or waders in front of you just as a backup.
  12. I use a lanyard and nothing else for probably 70% of my fishing. The rest of the time I supplement with a small pack because I want to bring lunch or a camera. I have no interest in wearing a vest. Laynyards work perfectly for me.
  13. Bob,
    Thanks for the call. I sent the information you requested.

    Jeff Dodd
  14. Just having a bit of fun...personally, I gave up on vests years ago, and just carry a very small sling pack that has a lanyard on it with nips and forceps that stuffs into a small pocket in the pack when not in use.

    One of the fun things about fishing - where you want, how you want to, and no one size fits all!!
  15. Surfn fish, I've been carrying a fanny pack that I got years ago for hikiing and lately found that it was good for fishing. My tools were hard to get and would get buried by my lunch and other things so the lanyard helps alot there. The fanny pack lets me carry lunch and water if I need to and I leave it if I'm not going far and can get by with just the lanyard. Aren't we all contiinualy looking for something a little bit better.
  16. Jeff , I've got on most of them I've made so far a snapswivel on either side at the neck that comes undone easily and the center bottom there's a clip to stop the unneccessary sway that may hold it long enough to retreive it. I'll also continue to change things as I find better pieces or ways to do things. I told my son that I was issueing a recall notice because his was the first that I turned out and I've changed some allready and his was out of date. Thanks for the advice, any body else?
  17. Hey I'm finding more new things as I go. Also I'm trying to keep them so that the metal parts are all stainless steel so no rust if you fish the salt. There's still a piece or two that arre nickel plated that I'm trying to change. I find that if you tell me what you want I can do better for you than if I premake them and hope they're what you want. I don't have to make them just for fly fishing, they can be done for other things too. Thanks for looking.
  18. I had a chance to see them up close. They are very nice. I'm going to have Bob make me one. :)
  19. Bob,
    I should have posted this earlier! The lanyard arrived safely and looks great. Thanks you!

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