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  1. I'm looking for a needle in a haystack. I'm hoping to find someone who might be able/willing to help my dad and I out on something we've been trying to do on and off for a number of years.

    Back when my father was in high school he worked as a bus boy at Lucky's grocery store and got to be well liked by the customers. He became friends with one gentleman in particular who was Norwegian (like my family) and he showed my dad all the fish he was catching out in the Sound. Finally my father asked him how he was catching these trophies, and he brought in and gave my father a tube fly that he said was used by the commercial fisherman in the Sound to catch a lot of their fish. I've had the opportunity to go with my dad when he used the fly and good grief does it work!!!

    I'm hoping someone might be willing to help me in my quest to recreate a couple copies of the fly before it falls apart due to old age. I'm very much a novice fly tier and haven't the slightest idea how to get going on tube flies. So I'm hoping there is someone would could lend their talent to this quest. Would be happy to purchase the materials (if we can figure out some replica for it) and compensate you in some way for your time.

    This fly means the world to my father and I'd like to surprise him with the replicas for fathers day. It would be neat way to say thanks for all the sacrifices he's made for me all these years.
  2. post a pic. I assume they were trolled bucktails.
  3. Lot of good stuff on google/bing (pic a browser) in a quick search. Youtube at a glance had a number of videos as well. Happy tying!
  4. Sorry no can do. This fly is pretty special to my dad and I
  5. I guess I'm confused. You ask for help. I offer to tie some up. You say I can't see the fly? Good luck with that business plan. I'm out.
  6. You're not the only one confused.
  7. What about the secret security clearance? I know the secret word........ shhh. its ABRACADABRA. You post a picture of the fly for the world to see and we all will be fishing it. So I guess I will show everyone what they want to see... (p.s. its a bear to cast) Enjoy and I hope you and dad receive it soon, I sent it priority mail with insurance and delivery confirmation. Thanks for asking me to help!
  8. I'm lost too. There are some great tyers on here that you're probably missing out on.
  9. I don't want to broadcast the fly. It's something that is very special to my dad and I would like to find someone willing to tie the fly that will also be willing to respect that. Philster, no one is trying to block you from seeing I'm just not going to broadcast it. Would be happy to meet someone at a local fly shop and show them the fly if they are truly interested in tying some for me.
  10. kingpuck:

    Sharing fly patterns is a long-time tradition anong fly fishers. There are no true "magic" flies just some that are more effective than other patterns.

  11. Roger -well said from the man who knows how to tie tube flies

    Let me guess it's on a tube and looks like a bait fish
    you have confidence in it so it works
    75% of the magic
  12. Add a little more? coho trolling bucktail? Chance that blue is involved?
  13. I'm basically a jerk. Your "christmas time folgers coffee comercial, dad and son" thing melted my heart and I was willing to tie them for you. That feeling has passed. It was probably gas in the first place.

    But I will advise you on your approach. Asking someone to get off their ass and meet you someplace, so you can show them your magic fly? You were lucky I was willing to haul my hefty ass to the post office to mail them to you.

    You were definitely right in your initial post. Finding someone willing to help someone who makes it as difficult to help them as you are making it is like finding a needle in a haystack.
  14. Philster you forgot the part about how your dad worked at the A&P in high school
    where he met a Swede who caught more and bigger fish who gave him a magic tub fly that made the fish jump into the boat He had promised to give your dad the recipe but before he could he was swallowed by a giant white chinook called Mody Dick off the Cape Horn or Point No Point you cant recall which...
  15. Buck Tail or Polar Bear
    there was a shop in Lynwood that had some old polar bear coho flies which I bought out and am taking apart to tie flat wings
    PM me your address I will send you one
  16. Will do. I'll send you some cool stuff in return.
  17. See it's fun to share
  18. Okay so maybe I do hold this fly in too high of regard. It's just that the story has been told to me by my dad a lot and I can tell it means a lot to him so I wanted to give that due respect. But you've all shown me the error in my ways. Here is a pic of the fly:

  19. no picture??
  20. Link doesn't work...C'mon man. After this much frakus I'm DYING to see this fly...


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