Tube Flies?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by kingpuck, May 5, 2011.

  1. Daryle Holmstrom

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  2. kingpuck

    kingpuck new to fly fishing but loving every minute of it

    Trying to post a pic but the attachment link is not working. Will try and get it figured out soon. Sorry for the delay.
  3. Philster

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    You can't post a pic from your desktop directly. It has to be uploaded somewhere. Easiest place is in the gallery section.
  4. kingpuck

    kingpuck new to fly fishing but loving every minute of it

  5. ArticWolf

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    holy...they have said that ugly flies have caught fish..there is nothing to this fly, but I'd be careful in using double hooks, for that type is common over the great pond.

    ..and nothing special that I see, some polar bear, flash..although this fly does look well used....AW
  6. Philster

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    Candlefish imitation. Olive back, red sides. The double hook thing is for the legendary coho short strike. It's a bucktailing fly. If the OP is interested in finding the original name of the fly a search for "bucktailing flies coho" might get him there. the pattern isn't as old as the story makes it sound. No blue or black over the olive, silver head, etc. Or maybe I'm so old "a long time ago" has a different meaning for me now :beathead: Since they are trolled some folks put spinners in front of them... [​IMG]
  7. kingpuck

    kingpuck new to fly fishing but loving every minute of it

    Definitely won't be using double hooks. Want to make sure I'm flying within the rules. That fly has caught a lot of fish throughout my childhood. Grandpa used to tie one on and we'd be catching fish all day.

    Well long time ago would mean that my dad got this fly about 25-30 years ago. The concept might not be that "old" but the fly sure is.
  8. kelvin

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  9. ganglyangler

    ganglyangler Bird Dogs and Fly Rods

    Kingpuck, do you tie at all? I'm guessing not since you were asking for help. Great time to get started! This is a pretty simple pattern and your dad will dig them that much more if you tied some up for him. Looks like a great pattern, but I have had a few experiences at Sekiu where you could catch them on any fly in your box. Often right in the prop wash. Nothing like a wicked coho bite!
  10. Han Double

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    seriously.... DUDE.... you couldn't gaddomn very well figure out how to make that thing on your own? after all these years of coveting this magic fly you never once sat down and opened fly tying book, or did a google search or even just used common sense to determine its some buck tail or polar bear and tinsel tied to a tube??? no wonder you were hesitant to post a pic up. I think I just felt my DNA unravel.
  11. Philster

    Philster Active Member

    Hey, I'm an A-hole, but even I think the OP deserves a break here! It's not an ugly fly. It's what it's supposed to be. You read some of the advice on tube flies and folks are saying grind down a hook or a bicycle spoke! It's a little intimidating. Nobody else had their first attempts almost finished when they suddenly spun and unraveled completely? I did. And I was a grade-A badass tyer when I first ventured into tube tying.

    Can't we all just get along?
  12. Fish Fungus

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    Crazy thread over a little fly I hope you got what you asked for OP good luck
  13. kingpuck

    kingpuck new to fly fishing but loving every minute of it

    Ganglyangler. I've been getting better at tying nymphs and dries but the tube flies are a mystery to me at the moment. With me still in school and working on some professional certifications there isn't enough time to devout to my hobby at the moment. In the years to come I hope to get better at all of it. Just the career has to take priority now.
  14. kingpuck

    kingpuck new to fly fishing but loving every minute of it

    Seriously guys did not mean to cause such a crazy stink over a little fly. People mean a lot more to me then fishing or anything else. It was never my intention to make anyone unhappy or angry at me. My dad gave this fly to me before I ever had a vice or interest in tying and it got placed in a box after I moved out and it's been in a box for about 6 years and just recently found it. Not knowing how to tie tube flies made it daunting to attempt. Also really haven't had the time to devout to tying that I'd like with school and work more or less taking over my time. Sometimes hobbies have to take a back seat. Hopefully not much longer. Hope to meet all of you at some point on the water and share some laughs.
  15. Han Double

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    been there done that.
    back in ancient times before there was an internet I taught myself to make flies, and I made some ugly ass ones let me tell ya.

    what got my hackles up was the whole internet shortcut /without the common decency to give a reach around attitude, portrayed in the earlier posts. IE asking the world for help and then demanding secrets be kept. as if we were all going to run out and tie some for ourselves and then the spell will be broken. secret flies like secret spots are only any good if someone knows how to use them.
  16. Philster

    Philster Active Member

    Look at his title. New to Fly Fishing but loving every minute of it. He hasn't learned yet that there is no magic. I got offended because I offered to help and got an incredibly strange response. Guess what. I got over it. He's learned a hard lesson. Don't keep beating on him.
  17. Han Double

    Han Double Member

    yessah Philster, I shall go back and add smiley face emotives to my previous text to ease the pain... I forgot there wasn't a ball busting or sarcasm font.:)
  18. Marcone

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    LOL - it doesnt catch fish - it snags them
  19. ganglyangler

    ganglyangler Bird Dogs and Fly Rods

    King, don't let the tube thing scare ya... tie that bugger on a long shank just to get the hang of it. Then start tying them with a stinger hook and cutting the front hook off. Pretty easy and functional. I have been tying a long time and still turn out crap flies. The fish don't seem to care and its a lot of fun. I get not having a lot of time, neither do I but I have been making an effort lately to tie at least one new pattern a night. It adds up quick!
  20. Mike T

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    King, when you get going with tying take that blend of materials and tie it as a popper with a black foam head, add a small piece of hackle (or not) and fish it. It looks amazingly like a popper that's been very productive for me lately.