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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by riseform, Jul 29, 2008.

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    Not sure if this has been done before, but I came up with this idea after buying my first tube vise this weekend.

    The most time consuming part of tying deer hair sculpin patterns is the head. This allows one to connect virtually any color wooley bugger or articulated leach to convert your pattern into a larger sculpin. Since the head is multi colored, you could change colors of the fly and still match. I imagine I could use metal tubes to help it sink or fish with a sinking line. Thought it was worth sharing.

  2. Sourdoughs

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    That's crazy cool! Great idea. Let us know how you do!
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    thats FREECKING SAWEEEEEEEEEEETTTT!!!!!! i totally love it and i agree metal tubes would be the shiz for a fly like that.there is some east coast steelhead flies that are like that were you have differnt butts for th same body.
    any way really good idea. you could do bass poppers like that and have diffrent colored butts for them
    im going to stop now
    FTB 95
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  5. Jake Bannon

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    Wow, what a sweet idea!!!!!! I'll have to try that except Im gonna have to do something different with the head material because theres NO WAY I could make heads that look that good. I love it....

  6. WoW :thumb:
  7. Steven Green

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    Those are some mad spinning skills. That'll fish for sure.
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    Nice bug head! Jeez, Dave Whitlock would say "nice job", then walk away muttering about how these damn kids think they know so much... Why in my day we respected our elders... :rofl: Seriously nice stacking, and perfect proportion. Hugh Falkus had very simple one color (I've mostly seen yellow) barrel shaped spun deer hair tubes about the same length as your heads he would slide in front of tube flies to make them wake/skate, or fish with just a hook and wake for spooky fish. I think he was doing it in the '50s or earlier:p But, damn... I'm normally a huge critic of deer hair for subsurface work but even I'd slide those on and fish all day with them!