tube fly starter kit??

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by sandspanker, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. I am looking to get into tube flies. I have seen starter kits, but which one would be a good one?? Looking for steelhead style flies. Thanks
  2. search around man!
  3. Dang-it! I was wondering the same thing. Was hoping someone had A Killer answer.....
    Oh, alright, I will search too.....LOL But seriously, I have no idea what to look for.
  4. It's like asking "What's the best vise" for regular fly tying. Some folks swear by regal, others dynaking, and others renzetti, or HMH, or Nor-vise. Different styles suit different folks, and your budget determines what level you're looking at. You can narrow it down by deciding what type of tube you're going to tie on the most. If it's micro HMH type stuff up to semi rigid 1/8 o.d. stuff, a felting needle clamped in your regular vise is enough. If it's my cheapo truck stop spaghetti line stuff, you're going need one that has a mandrel like the renzetti, or HMH/eumer style $20 adapter kits. Mostly metal tubes? You want one that has a drill chuck type attachment.

    So much like anything in fly fishing, you need an idea of what you're going after before you can gear up!
  5. Totally agree!

    I use two system now, HMH tube convert kit (~$40 bucks, kit and some tubes). and pro tubefly system (~ $ 30 bucks included needles and some good tubes)

    Both are great! But I tend to use pro tubes more and more because their tubes has more "grab and feel" on the thread.
  6. More like a person interested in tying for the first time. Buy a kit that does generally have allot of material you can live without, or buy a vise, set of tools and material for whatever fly you want to tie.
    Assuming one already has the vise (I have Renzetti) and I fish for Trout. I am not sure tube is beneficial so I don't want to go hook line and sinker. STARTER KIT is the key here I guess. Such as this kit:
    Or is it more wise to piece it out like the HMH tool, then Q-tips, bar stir straws...etc. Does this make more sense?
  7. Now that is what I am talking about. Thanks
  8. Hey Blue,

    I have the Renzetti too. It works pretty well. The key is to follow the instructions properly, I have found a lot of good youtubes instructions. pretty useful.

    In addition, I agree, don't buy too much stuff before you wade into the tube flies... no need.. IMO. Here is the real story...
    I was out of HMH tubes, and none of the local shops has it. The orvis guy in Boston tell me, "go to the next corner and pick up some coffee straw...I never use tubes to tie my tube flies... I use coffee straw..." and he is a striper man!
    Now, what is my test... Great! Never crack (I put them in freezer for a whole week and try to twitch them as hard as I can), never come loose, and it's free! But it is a bit trickier to tie though....
  9. AWESOME! That is great. Like Softhackles. Have you tried Q-Tips?
    Sorry for Hi-Jacking this post, but I hope this is helping sandspanker too
  10. No... But I think it could be great too.

    Well... a little bird told me Red Shed Fly Shop has a lot of HMH tubes, and it is pretty cheap too! : )

  11. Thanks Mark
  12. Good seeing you here little brother.

  13. Qtips suck. They break. For the cheapest route go to a Truck stop or a big auto shop, like a big Napa or schucks and get some 1/8 inch o.d. spaghetti line. the black (sometimes red) airhose tubing. You need a vise that has the mandrel system to use it. It comes in coils, but after you just kind of run it through your fingers it sort of straightens, and after tying, and living in a flybox, it's pretty much straight. The other el cheapo route is slightly better but harder to get. You have to go to a Napa and ask them to order this it's clear (with some writting), and it's what I've tied the majority of tube Baja streamers on. Now both of these are "steelhead" sized tubing. Bigger streamers, size 4 hook type stuff. Still looking for a better cheap smaller size option.

    Yeah Yeah... I know... Support your fly shop... I do. But sometimes I don't.
  14. Hey Alan & Joni,

    You guys are all great tiers! Please post more photos here!! : )

    You know... those tubes have high potential for lake fishing, because you can adjust size and weight pretty easily!
    I have found the Pro Tube system has a HUGE selection of cone heads and turbo disk... which is really awesome!
    In addition, the tubes are semi solid which is much easier to tie down material than HMH (more slipery, require higher pressure to maintain the thread tension, higher risk to break the thread - relatively). But again, both systems are all great... you might want to check out those videos made by Jay Nicholas in Caddis fly shop... pretty cool stuff. Mark

  15. I saw this website in the last issue of FlyFusion magazine. Not sure if I'm allowed to post a link or not, but here it is:
    I have never used their stuff before, as I think it's a relatively newer company, but I'm not sure- I'm just starting to get into tubes myself so they might have been around longer...?
  16. Searun,

    Those tubes looks nice too! but what kind of tying device they take?
  17. Just a follow up,

    I did a additional simple test that put a coffee straw outside of my house for 2 weeks under the snowy condition and the occasional sun light.

    So, please DON'T USE use those coffee straw, at least I won't... sorry for the cheezy info.
    Currently, I feel the Pro tubes materials are still on the top, the best I ever tried, and the HMH converter device is also really nice to secure the pro tubes. I think for the price it cost. The pro-tubes are well worth it. a large 40mm/40mm could be cut into 3 tubes for 3 normal size fly. a package of 14 tubes cost $7.99 can potentially tie 42 flies which is good enough for me for a trip...
    Just for your reference.
  18. Okay. One more time because I like you. :beathead: 1/8 inch Spaghetti air line for trucks. About 32 cents a foot. check it out.
  19. Ha ha ha ha.... Thanks Philster...
    Lesson learned! Order (1/8 inch Spaghetti air line ) is on the way! I appreciated!

  20. hi Mark, where did you order the 1/8 inch Spaghetti air line from?

    Thanks !!!

    NAPA? is there a parts #?


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