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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Romko, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Your not the only one. I havent seen any flies yet either.
  2. We are way late with this one... Anyone see any flies? :hmmm:
  3. No flies here...
  4. It's been a month and a half, anybody heard from Romko? Hope everything is ok....
  5. Sent a PM to Romko but no answer yet. Hope everything is OK with him? :confused:
  6. Romko last logged into the board March 22, just FYI. He's been a member since Feb of 2005, so hopefully he has a legit reason for being MIA. Any of you PM him prior to March 22?
  7. Hopefully he is catching a lot of fish with a GIANT tube fly selection.
  8. To paraphrase my current favorite T.V. commercial. "Time to un-pimp your fly boxes!" :rofl:
  9. His last message was on march 10th stating that he would put the flies in the mail.
  10. Well everyone I haven't heard from Ronko but I got some great looking tubes in the mail today.

    You guys did a fine job on these babies, can't wait to try them out. :thumb:
  11. Ronko thanks for doing the SM work. You were supposed to keep the extra tubes.
  12. Anyone else get Tubes in the mail?
  13. not here
  14. Hey guys,

    I've got an emergency so I had to go over a pond back to my home country of Ukraine and now I'm back. Sorry I did not inform you that I was out, BUT
    I was back in town last week and sent them out.
    The only set I still have here is one that belongs to TightLines (could you PM me your address please, I just could not find it).
    Could not even write here earlier, had to catch up with work.
    But I'm happy to be back just before spring time here.
    Everybody is welcome to kick me for my absence though lol

  15. According to my sources is gig harbor, my flies have arrived.
  16. Anyone else glad they held out before talking sh.. about Roman? I got the flies yesterday. Does anyone with a digital (I’m the last person in the Western hemisphere without one), want to take some pics?
  17. Didn't talk no S... so I have no worries.

    I can take some pictures, will be a couple days and I'll post them. Not sure who's flies are who's, only have some labels. Anyone else can get to it faster no problem.
  18. Sorry about labels, I was in a real hurry to get them out.
    OK, mines are - long brass tube with a trailer hook and a bottle tube.
  19. Here are most of the photos from the tube swap. If I didn't know your name I couldn't put it on the photo, sorry no tag.
  20. The last photo.

    These are some great flies! If you can give us an idea of how to use them?

    Ringlee, thanks for your input already.

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