Turkey Chokes for Benelli Supernova?

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Brett Angel, Sep 23, 2011.

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    From my research online the Jellyhead and Carlson seem to be the most common for this gun, but it seems like it comes down to personal preference and/or experience (which I don't have). Can I purchase a BAD choke, i.e. cheap garbage that I'll regret later, or would either of these or another brand work fine? I am open to any and all suggestions and/or advice so don't hold back. Thanks in advance.
  2. Islander Steve

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    I have a Truglo turkey choke on my Benelli. The best thing to do is to try a couple if you can borrow some. It really comes down to what the pattern looks like with the load you are shooting. I tried 3 different chokes and a couple different loads and picked the one with the best pattern. I lucked out as the the gun I bought (used) came with the Truglo and a Carlson Full .695. I had a buddy at the gun club that had a Benelli turkey choke I tried also. The Truglo patterned the best with Kent Ultimate Fast Lead #5's. I don't think there are any "bad chokes" as they all should restrict the pattern. There might be some "bad combinations" though and you really need to pattern your gun on a turkey target and see how many pellets are in the kill zone. I found it varied dramatically with different loads.
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    Thanks Islander! I've read similar responses on other boards. I don’t have the resources to borrow and I don’t want to buy multiple chokes to test (already have a garage full of maybe needed fly gear) so your input was very helpful, i.e. no bad chokes. I was leaning towards the Jellyhead, but I like the price of the Truglo. After some more internet research I'm heading out tomorrow to purchase one and do some pattern testing. Thanks again. I’ll let you know what I end up with.
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    Get Federal Flite Control turkey loads. After extensive testing in HD guns it's all I shoot anymore when I want a tight pattern for any application. Any choke will work with that stuff! Seriously. Do some research, check out youtube. it makes fancy chokes obsolete. I shot 00 buck at 35 yds out of an 18 inch cylinder barrel, and I could barely fit my fist in the single jagged hole. No flyers. None...

    My take on it is that the hunting "industry" can't push deer hunting anymore because of how hard it is to even get a draw in some parts of the country. So Turkey has now become the marketing cash cow. You gotta have a turkey gun with a thumbhole grip! You gotta have fancy turkey chokes! You gotta have a fiber optic sight system! No you don't. You need a full choke and the best ammo you can get. And right now that ammo is Federal Premium Turkey.
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    Philster, thanks for the advice. I'm starting to kind of grasp the whole marketing of hunting. Similar to fly fishing in the "must have latest and greatest" department. Ironic you mention the Federal Flite Control turkey loads because I purposefully avoided them after I read they don't recommend shooting them through a ported turkey choke.

    I ended up buying the Jellyhead and some Winchester Supreme (I think) loads just to get something to shoot this last weekend. Didn't need it (didn't come close to a turkey), but plan on picking up some of the FP Flite loads and possibly some others to try. I'm heading back out in November so in between now and then hoping to get it dialed in. Thanks again.
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    If you haven't killed a bunch of turkeys I would stick with a standard full choke that patterns well.You would be amazed how easy it is to miss a turkey with a super full choke when they are in close.IMO it is more important to learn how to call in turkeys close for the kill .Long shots isn't really what turkey hunting is about,but there have been times where I have been so pissed off at a hung up bird that i was wishing for a tighter choke.Patience makes up for "latest and greatest".Its a great sport,have fun with whatever you decide.