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  1. If your vest doesn't have an orange flag attached that you can fly after you've made your kill (or as you're leaving the woods) get a piece of hunter orange and make a flag. Turkey hunting is no more dangerous than any other sort of hunting as long as you use your head. It's always "the other guy" you have to be concerned with. Like Josh said- don't stalk a gobbler. Call and stay where you are. He'll come to you (they're not always in a hurry if they're with some hens already). If, after a long time of calling you think he won't come to you, move to another place. He'll come to exactly where you WERE before you moved! Had it happen. Patience is the key.
  2. Thank you for the info, Itchy Dog.
  3. Brent,

    Also make sure when you set up that you're comfortable and have a good seated position to shoot from, with your back against a tree or bush. If you have time, place some brush in front of you as a small ground blind. Once you've started calling, have your gun at the ready. Once you can see the birds you can bet that they will see even the slightest movement if you're reaching for your gun or fussing around with your face mask, etc. When that bird comes into view you'll see why this sport is so addicting! Good luck and safe hunting.
  4. Turkey hunting can be pretty dangerous to say the least. Two of my buddies were shot in 2002 while hunting, and then to make things worse the shooters left the scene. I always try to lean against a tree that's wide to protect my torso from someone that may come in from behind and try shooting at either a real bird or my decoys. The only reason why my friend Rick is still alive is because the tree he was sitting in front of stopped most of the 00 bucksot the morons were using.
  5. There are morons everywhere- they can't be avoided completely, that's for sure. This happens everywhere, no matter what game you persue. Why they were shooting 00 buck is beyond me, although I must say I've never understood morons. Glad those guys got caught anyway.
  6. To make matters worse for the guys who shot my friend was the fact they shot an off-duty Marine Patrol Officer, so the judge threw the book at them. I haven't thoroughly read the regs yet for Washington, but it's illegal in Maine to be turkey hunting with any shot larger than #4.
  7. There's nothing in the regs (that I can find anyway) that says shooting upland game with shot larger than #4 is illegal, but something like buckshot would obviously be a poor choice for many reasons. Turkey loads are generally based on heavy copper-plated 4, 5 & 6 shot.
  8. When I guided/hunted turkeys in Maine I always used 3" shells with #6 shot and had no problem killing birds at 40-50 yards, but it was always nice when they'd come strutting up to the decoys.:D
  9. The 2 guys i know that got shot in new york were sitting so the shooter was forward a ways from the caller, with a decoy in front of the shooter. well this guy came walking up over the top of a little hill and saw the decoy and shot at it. he hit the shooter in one side of his face and the caller in the other side of the face. they all walked away from it, actually all 3 walked out of the woods together. how they did that without beating that guy i'll never know. the guy who did the shooting was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the 1 hunter who was shot was an off-duty cop in a small upstate new york town.
    the guy i knew who shot somebody turkey hunting was an old guy who'd been turkey hunting and everything else hunting his whole life. he was calling in a bird and shot at movement in some brush thinking it was the bird he was calling in. the guy was not killed or seriously injured, just kind of peppered. nobody really knows what got into him. he was kind of a local legend in the hunting world back there. stuff can happen to anyone i guess.
    Matt...if i said something giving away your secret spot or something, i apologize. i was not being specific when i said "get away from the road". i've never even been in the entiat, not even sure what road i would have been talking about. if i stated the obvious, well then i guess i didn't need to say anything.
  10. No worries Josh. I was worried about giving up someone elses. Doubt it though, there were tons of people up there hunting last time I went.
  11. I don't know Washington, but max shot size in Idaho for turkeys is BB in lead and T in steel.

    http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/hunt/rules/turkey/turkey.pdf, top left of page 10.


    ps. there are no turkeys in the panhandle, and certainly none in northwestern Montana. OTOH, Montana wants $118 for an out of state turkey tag so maybe I can admit to seeing a few there. :p
  12. Took my son over near Cle Elum yesterday for his first turkey hunt (first hunt period, since he just took his Hunter Ed this spring). Spent Friday scouting for birds and chose a spot to set up this morning. Hiked in at 5AM, got situated, and waited. A bird was gobbling from his roost one draw over from our location, and when he got out of his tree, he continued his racket. We responded with some yelps, and he came in without much hesitation. Actually passed by our blind within 15 feet as he made his way to the decoys. By 6:20 my son had bagged his first gobbler. Everything went down just like one always hopes it will (but seldom does in my experience).

    Today ranks right up there as one of the best days in my life!
  13. What a great bird and story! I had the pleasure of calling in both of my brothers first birds when they were 10. It's awesome when everything is just text book...

    Next weekend it's our turn...:D

  14. Congrats Itchy you must be one proud Dad! Sounds like a text book hunt!
  15. Awesome, congrats!

    6 more days until it opens here. I think I can live that long.:rofl:
  16. The only thing left to do now is convince the boy's mother that the hide/fan really should grace the walls of his bedroom. She seems to think that it belongs in the garage.

    Good luck to everyone this weekend if you get out. Post your reports when you can.
  17. Itchy Dog...thats awesome. i didn't even think about the youth hunt this weekend until i saw your post. tell the kid congrats and he did great.
    as far as the fan/beard in the house...i can't help you with that...all my stuff is confined to the garage.
  18. Good work young itchy dog! That is a good looking bird and a fun sounding hunt. I am getting pumped up for the coming weeks. With my first turkey I made two wing bone yelpers out of its wings. very good looking calls, and they sound good too. buy another tag and go play!
  19. I know that you are talking about turkey's in Washington. But the season has started over here by me and I have yet to hear anybody shooting them. Last year in this area there were few turkeys and this year there are about 40 of them big birds.

    I know this won't help but I thought that I would just put it out there. I saw the males out in the fields struting around yesterday.

  20. Nice!


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