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  1. When is the spring hunt over?
  2. 5/31
    it was extended for 2 weeks longer than normal.
  3. if the birds are fired up, and they want to come...you could try setting up 75-100 yards from the fence or creek or whatever. a lot of times they'll cross the fence if what they want to come to is a ways off. this especially works well if you use decoys and they are visible. if you're right on top of the fence, they won't come.
    a whole group of toms jumped a fence one by one last year for us.
  4. Thanks, guys, for all the tips!

    Current issue is that the birds have all gone quiet. I've been up in the woods four days over the last week, and not a peep. The birds are still there; there's enough sign and I and others have seen them, but not a gobble. It's not just me, I've talked to others who have had the same experience.

    Is this a wait for them to come back again, or what?

  5. I'll be turkey hunting for the first time "for all intensive purposes" this weekend on private property with "supposedley" a large number of birds, and I'm assuming the several 4 shot, steel, mag, 3" shells that I keep with me when I'm Pheasant hunting for special occasions should do the trick. Am I wrong? thougths? Word also is the easiest an least offensive first timer call call is the old slate scratcher used sparingly and trying to mimic a low a slow "purr" if you will... Geive me your feedback and knowledge please!!! Years ago, I was taught to use the slate call so I feel about 5% confident in my ability...
  6. I'm not the guy to give you best feedback possible.

    But yes, 4 shot steel 3" shells should be ok. Of course you're better off if you pattern the shells.

    The purr you mention is very useful. You'll get rapid feedback on the quality of the purr if you're out in the morning because the gobblers will either respond or they won't. I've had good luck with crow calls as well.

  7. So, how'd you do? For all intents and purposes, heavy 4 shot would work as long as you have a tight choke on your gun. Lead is preferred over steel, though, as gobblers are tough sons-a-guns.
    If your range is within 35 yards and you have a full or extra full choke, and your shot is true to the proper target, you'll likely drop the bird. But buy a box of turkey loads. 10 shells will last you a long, long time. And the key is to not overcall...by giving a purr, you're not going to blow them away. Subtle yelping is good- just don't overdo it.

    So, how'd you do?
  8. I went back to Maine last week to visit my family and had the opportunity to call in a bird for one of my father's friends on Saturday morning (the last day of the season in Maine). His son actually took the shot and bagged this 22 lb tom. It definitely felt good to see that big bird come strutting in so late in the season.
    10" beard and 1.25" spurs!
  9. Sweet....nice bird Wayne.
  10. Might take a shot out of my front window

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