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  1. It may not be a place of great interest amongst American flyfishers, but living over here in Italy offers one a chance to fish some water I likely never would have considered fishing in my lifetime. I have made a few trips to fish the Tevere River in late October/early November and thought I'd pass a few photos along to give others an idea of the area here.

    This river is particularly challenging insofar as the browns and grayling are highly selective and over pressured by Italian flyfisherman. Its not Montana, but when you live in Rome like I do, you're options for this time of year are pretty limited. Pace.

  2. Beautiful water. I may have to reconsider that Tuscany trip that my wife is always bugging me about.
  3. Cool shots. The water there looks like it could be a Pacific NW river. Any good hatches come off?
  4. There actually have been some amazing beatis hatches this fall on that river, although this last time out it was much shorter both in duration and numbers. There are at least three different beatis species that I observed hatching on the river at any given time, often hatching concurrently with each other and the fish were feeding selectively most of the time I was there. This last time out, small unweighted beatis nymphs (22s) fished as a dropper off a dry or emerger pattern took fish which were feeding in the film on the naturals, but for the life of me could not get a fish to take a pattern that emulated the duns on the water (though it was quite obvious some fish were keying on that stage and not the nymphs as they emerged to hatch).
  5. I love that shot of the brown with red spots. I love that pattern.
  6. The second Brown is awesome looking!
  7. Beautiful colors on itiagree
  8. Looks like a lot of fun!!! I know I could convince my wife to go on a trip to Italy!~

    Beautiful pictures...I love the first brown.
  9. Dave,

    Thanks for the report. What an opportunity, fishing for native browns and grayling in Italy.

    I don't know how mobile you are, but have you considered going a little farther to the north? Afterall Rome to Tuscany is a bit of a haul no doubt. I am no true master of Italy, but I have fished a bit in Italy near the regions where it borders with Austria.

    Perhaps some regions of Northern Italy near Tyrolia and the Dolomites as well as extreme south-eastern Austria might be within your range of mobility. These places offer some fine fishing and incredible scenery---browns, grayling, marmoratas.

    If you get a chance, you might venture up to the eastern Tyrolia & Dolomite region. Fish the Drau (little and big). Stay at the hotel of a man named Anton Calovi. He speaks German, Italian and a bit of English. He has a wonderful bed & breakfast on the Drau with access to miles of the finest creekside fishing.

    Look up Mr. Milan Wutte in eastern Austria. He also has some great options with everything from trout through grayling / bass and pike.

    Investigate the fishing on the Piave in Northern Italy.

    There is some other stuff just south of Brenner Pass in Austria such as the river Adige. but this stuff is not as pristine as the Tyrolian side.

    Some great times angling times can be had in May and in the fall. If you hit the eastern Austria stuff in May in a low runoff year, then you can catch big grayling feasting on huge mayflies.

    I lack mobility these days, but if you are interested in more info, give me a buzz.

    Sincerely, Chris.

    P.S. There is some other WWF dude who lives in Rome. He posted reports last year. Hey, where is that guy. What's his handle...?
  10. Thanks for the report, very cool. I was lucky enough to go be a spectator at the Torino Olympics last February, was very tough to get on that plane coming back. A truly beautiful country, especially if you like to eat. And drink. And see a lot of beautiful women, er I mean architecture. Okay, I'd better stop. . . .
  11. Dave, just sent you a PM with the requested Europe info.
    Chris (dude_1967)
  12. Hi Dave

    I know I had said I would try to get away this weekend to fish the TWT with you but unfortunately it will not be possible. We will have to put it off until June! We will however still be able to fish the Lima river and the Serchio River like we did last year.

    I don't remember if I sent you this report by Kasper Muhlbach. We had the opportunity of fishing together last July.

    Tight lines!!


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