TV show:Flyfishing for sea-run cutthroat on Hood Canal

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Roger Stephens, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. Next Sunday morning(4/17) there is going to be a TV show on "Flyfishing for sea-run cutthroat on Hood Canal". It will be on channel 11(kstw/upn) at 11:30 AM to noon on Columbia Country program. Don't know who will be the moderator/host. Am looking foreward to seeing what they have to say and show so long as it is not any secret spots :) .
  2. That is a good episode, I will have to remeber that so I can watch it again.
  3. i believe this is an episode w/ Jim Kerr (o.p. guide) and another guy, hes an author i think, not Steve Raymond but someone along those lines. very interesting , alot of insight on src fishing and it'll make yo ass get up and cast a line in the salt. Jim Kerr was very helpful when we bumped into him near the solduc a couple monthes ago, a gentlemen for sure. bhudda
  4. now this wasnt the one that was on your website for a while was it Jim??
  5. The DVR is set. :thumb:

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