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  1. On the other hand, I'm looking for uncrowded beaches and rocks to stand on in a competitive arena of hard-doggin' fly fishers.
    I admit to naming lesser known places in the past. My bad. My bad. I hope I don't spill any more of those beans.
    Funny thing about it is that I've had anglers whom I've directed to some of "my" spots tell me that they couldn't find any cutthroat at all! They weren't too impressed with the fishing, which takes some time to figure out in each place I fish, and I ended up feeling like there's still hope that my loose lips won't sink my ships. I'm hoping that a good skunking might deter them from returning with someone else.

    I read thru all those beaches GHFS posted. Only a few on there that I fish, and one more that looks interesting that isn't too far for me to drive. Fortunately, most places that I already fish or intend to explore aren't on that list. ;)
  2. I do, and we don't post that information on our "public" website. Feel free to stop in any time to chat however......
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  3. Christ! Haven't looked at this forum since October and it's always the same Dbags complaining. GHFS is naming strictly public areas and I'm great with that because more people stay off the private beaches I explore. I advise the complainers keep their mouths shut because you just sound like a bunch of teenage girl with some drama they want to gossip about.
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  4. The guys at the Gig Harbor Fly Shop are good guys and have treated me well. They will continue to get my business and that of my friends. For those of you that don't think kindly of the shop or its staff, well you are in the minority as they run a cool shop with a fun atmosphere. And I know that I am not the only one that feels this way. I hope 2013 treats myself and the GHFS staff as well as 2012 as there were many fish caught and a lot of laughs enjoyed by all.

    Tight Lines Everybody!
  5. I'm sorry to hear that some of you feel in such a way about myself, the other guys, or the shop in general. Being compared to cancer is to say the least, disheartening. I'm in there 5 days a week and do my best to help out people that are interested in fly fishing and provide those that are into the sport with what they need in order to most enjoy their time on the water. If we don't have it, I'll do my darnedest to get it for you. I want to know so we can have what our customers are looking for. The guys at the shop are passionate fishermen and tyers who share the same interests and concerns for the fisheries that surround us as many of you do. We are also down for a beer just about any time. ;) I like all kinds of fish, and all provide different angling opportunities that are fun in their own right. Sure, we all have those few types of fishing, or certain species that really get our blood boiling, but we can't always pursue what we want in the conditions we want. Catching fish is fun!!! Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that's the core reason we're out there.

    As far as the neighborhood goes, it was a decision to help answer the question, "Where can I go fishing?" and alleviate some of the pressure on other popular beaches. Contrary to popular belief, "In the water" is not generally a good answer, or received very well. The Neighborhood is an attempt to be helpful and informative, while merely providing starting points to whet the appetite and encourage further exploration. By listing a few readily available public beaches, some of the pressure can be spread out a little. Like it or not, there are a lot of people interested in fishing the Sound, and they will be out there, and I think we would all prefer everyone is not on the same beach. It is a difficult balance working in a shop where people depend on you for information about fishing. Not enough information, and you are looked at as a pretentious-type that fits a stereotype that many people have of fly fishers; too much information, and you are hated by the fishing community for divulging too much.

  6. Good reply. I wouldn't put too much stock into the "cancer" comment. I've lived in the Kitsap area for going on 10 years and that's really the first negative thing I've heard about your shop. You can't please everyone, but in my experience you do good job of trying.

    As far as the neighborhood goes... I'm honestly torn. I can see both sides of the argument. As a shop, you are providing a a service and I'm sure get hounded for this info all the time. I can also see that these are not secret beaches per say, but rather public parks and such. My only thoughts are that as a business owner, by withholding this information you are making people take the time to come visit your shop to get the information, where they would be more likely to spend a few bucks. And also, I believe there is a large population of internet lurkers out there that are flat out too damn lazy to put in any sort of real effort. If they see stuff spelled out on the internet, they will gladly go fish their brains out, but they lack the motivation to pick up a map, or even get off their ass and go visit a fly shop.

    Just my 2 cents.
  7. I too, like Erik, was disheartened after reading through this thread...actually I felt shitty. I read it at 11 PM Tue night after returning home from evening classes where I am attempting to scrape out a Master's degree in Environmental Studies because of my sincere desire to better understand and address the precarious state of our fisheries.

    Amongst us at the shop, there have been innumerable maps studied, gallons of gas burned and miles driven, river miles floated, trails followed or deviated from, beaches stomped and kayaked and tides analyzed, fish diets and behavior scrutinized, countless flies tied, tested, rejected, and accepted... and a fair amount of fish, hooked and landed. Essentially, we're doing this because we love it, just like all of us. So rather than buying into any of the negativity, just stop by the shop and say hi. I'll share a few little tricks I've discerned along the way and maybe you'll share some with me. In the meantime, I'm not telling anyone what beach I got this one from today (1/23).

    1.23.13 Cutt.jpg
  8. Erik and James, you guys both rock! You and your respective team provide a ton of info, good gear, and fellowship, disregard the nay sayer and be stoked you have a darn awesome shop that many people love.
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  9. I still like you guy's!
  10. I don’t get in to this much, but I feel compelled to weigh in on this one.

    If you would like to tell us on the forum about your fishing experience by all means I would love to hear all about it. Tell us about your day, the fish you caught on the fly you tied, tell us about your rod or gear you used that day. Maybe mention the weather and tide. You don’t have to mention the location. Places to fish can be found just by getting in the car and exploring.

    Now on to the GHF.
    The GHF is a small business that employs 4 young enthusiastic men that are passionate about fishing. No, they’re not from here, so what! Fishing is popular in any state. I don’t understand why that matters. Running a small business in today’s economic environment is no small task. The places listed on there website are public and it’s a small list. Go exploring Puget Sound is a big place.

    I personally love the shop! I've gone to a few of the classes meet new people and had a great time. I was recently in there and asked to test drive a line before buying it. Eric was more than happy to load it on my reel for free and let me drag it through the saltwater and the goose poop before deciding to buy it. I felt a little unsure about my casting and James came out and gave a quick casting lesson. If I don’t have time to get up to the shop they mail me my stuff and I have it the next day. Recently I got the flu and couldn't make it to the second day of a class. Blake rescheduled me for the next class, sent me an email. I never had to do any follow up on this they did it on their own. If I need a PayPal invoice for a purchase all I have to do is ask and they send it. I couldn't ask for any more. The customer service is superb and it’s consistent, this isn't just a one time thing.

    If you haven’t been to the shop I encourage you to stop by. The shop is well stocked! They also have freshly tied flies at the door, there like donuts you should have some!

    Good fishing to all
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  11. I'll agree with everybody, Gig Harbor is an awesome shop, and I've had nothing but good interactions with all of the guys there. They have a ton of materials, good classes, great flys, and serve beer in a movie theater during fly fishing movies... there it is.
  12. When I visit the area each year I rely a lot on lists of public beaches where I know I can a least wet a line and hope to catch something. I plan on moving to the area when I retire later this year and will be out there looking for those more secluded beaches. In the meantime I appreciate having a list of beaches I can find without too much trouble.
  13. Jonathan, nice to see you around. I've been keeping up on the blog here and there--hope to see some reports up again from you!

  14. Thanks Jason, I appreciate the kind words. However, I will not be posting reports on here anymore due to the constant negativity by certain individuals. I just feel I need to post something when I see a good person or friend getting bashed unnecessarily. I will keep the blog going though for those that wish to see pictures and reports. Tight lines Jason, I hope 2013 is a super fishy year for you. Hit me up if you want to fish sometime.
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  16. None of the spots mentioned on GHFS's list is one of my usual local places to fish, so this doesn't bother me at all. There may be someone else who has been fishing these spots for quite some time now, and had been enjoying relatively uncrowded conditions until this list was made public, and that now has to contend with ever-growing competition for the prime spot from which to cast....a growing competition which might not have arisen if there was no such public disclosure. Those people may not be amused.
    But what the Hell, this is America, and businesses here have always been free, if not to "ruin," then at least to expose nearly every formerly little known pristine spot, all in the name of profit. So now "the public" knows about these spots that a relatively few individuals formerly held near and dear as their "semi-secret" escapes. There's always some locals that have been enjoying a place mostly to themselves before some shop (surf, fly, whatever) comes into town and feels the need to start issuing reports, in order to drum up more business and properly serve their customers. These locals who are used to having a place to themselves always are going to hate it when someone sends in a flock of newbies. That's just the way it is.
    I don't hold any grudge against GHFS for posting that list. They need to promote their business, and that of course will naturally involve telling people how and where they can access some decent fishing. Of course, personally, I would rather that they kept the list "in shop," rather than posting it online, just for GP.
    But I still plan to visit their shop one of these days. I want to test peddle some of their yaks.
    In fact, I think that it might be easier for me to convince another paddler to go check out a couple of those places with me, now that they can see 'em on a list
  17. Wow the BS got deep in here fast. Unless you have never bought anything from any shop ever and construct everything you use, you rely on an industry that needs to make a profit to stay solvent so that we can all keep casting. Now-a-days that includes online reports. Welcome to the 1990's.
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  18. Just go fish! I didn't even look at the list, I just fish. We all know that any beach can produce or be completely void of fish at any given day, tide or??? Who knows, you just have to be there flogging the water as much as you can at that right time. Put in your time, and you might get lucky.
  19. Accurate to the last letter. Beach fishing is totally right place/right time kinda thing. Don't think, just do!
  20. Stick Point is HOT right now
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