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  1. That is funny! My fishing buddies and I give a name to all our fishing locations so that it is easy to explain where we were fishing. One of my favorite spots is named "Stick Pt." but it is not up in your area:) .

  2. I won't divulge, I won't divulge;-)
  3. This thread has been very revealing. I share good beach locations with close fishing buddies who can keep a secret and who post good reports but not specific locations. Kids like the Pimp will eventually learn the hard way why it is a terrible idea to post good fishing locations on the Internet. Enjoy the crowds, trash, and conflicts fellas!
  4. I'll add to this by saying that, as a "newer" flyfisher (been at it about 6 years and only in my early 30s), I hope that I might occasionally hear about some of our local gems from more experienced anglers. As such, whether on a fly fishing forum or in real life, I keep details on locations close to the chest, because I know that if I'm out spouting about how I caught fish in certain spots then people will probably be less likely to want to share.

    For my part, I know that there is a wealth of information out there that anglers have heard from other anglers, who heard from other anglers before that, who heard from other anglers before that even. So not only do I want to keep the very few lesser known spots I know of to myself for my own benefit, but I hope it pays off later on down the road by making more experienced anglers comfortable sharing with me later on.

    Anyway, that's my take and how I approach it.

  5. Thank god only one of my favorite places was mentioned. $hit like this is why i dont like taking others. I only have very few friends I fish with and hunt with even fewer. that way i know when i come back years later no one will be there yet again.

    The best way to learn a awesome spot is trial and error. That is how i learned all my favorite fishing spots. When you ask for spots you are limiting yourself so much.

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  6. Your best bet is to learn the tides you want to fish and tactics to use even diferent paterns for different reasons, on line. Then go apply them yourself in different locations and different situations. You will learn quickly what does and doesnt work.

  7. I think you have the right approach Jason. You worked hard all summer to get your salmon and it paid off. Along the way you shared good reports, flies & tactics, and made some friends on WFF.

    There are no magical secret beaches in Puget Sound, a place can be good one day and lousy the next. Still, I think it is a bad idea to list so many sensitive beaches on a fly shop website. You become more and more successful at this game by fishing often and developing a trusted network of fishing buddies who share frequent reports with each other. Guys who blab everything publicly on the internet when they have a little success are not going to be entrusted with very much information. It's much better to be discreet with your fishing reports and share location details in personal messages or over the phone.

    Sorry your thread got hijacked daveypetey.

  8. Getting out and discovering a "hot spot" on your own.... That's part of the enjoyment to fishing, isn't it?
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  9. Anybody been on "my rock" lately??
  10. Went after some SRC's on Tuesday. Nada.
  11. Time to move on...
  12. Heading out tomorrow, high hopes as always :p

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