Tweeker Encounter and Stilly Report

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by seattlee, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. seattlee New Member

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    I fished the Stilly for coho and sea-runs on Saturday with by buddy and I when I got back to my 4Runner and fired it up, it sounded like I had no muffler. I looked under the rig and saw that someone had cut out my catalytic converter! Fishing is expensive enough without these kind of expenses - $800 repair bill for me while my repair shop guessed that the thief would get $40 for the catalytic converter. Apparently they have platinum in them. Any one else with a similar experience?

    As for the fishing, my buddy hooked (and lost) a coho on a pink fly in the early morning. I didn't get a tug, although there were many fish jumping around taunting us. At about noon I remembered why river coho fishing can be so frustrating and headed out.
  2. Steve Unwin Active Member

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    My brother-in-law and a friend of mine both had the cat stolen from their Toyota pickups. Toyotas are targeted for the cat because of the precious metals and the high ground clearance.

    My car was broken in last year while fishing the Stilly as well. I haven't been back since.
  3. Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

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    Sorry to hear about your rig getting messed with.
    My buddy had his stolen off his Tacoma. As mentioned the clearance make them easy to access which makes the tweaker fond of them.
    About the only time tweakers seem to move fast is when they smell a Toyota converter. Then they look like a Nascar crew member with a Sawzall.
  4. Josh Stroud Active Member

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    I hate these kind of stories. You do your job by locking up your car, and someone steals something like this. Sorry to hear man, good fish karma should be coming your way.
  5. Mark Kulikov Active Member

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    Seems to be a real problem given the number of stories I've seen on this forum regarding thefts from cars on the river. And I thought California was bad when I lived there.
  6. Hillbilly Redneck wishin i was fishin

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    I used to drive a 4runner. Had the catalytic converter cut off twice while I was out fishing the Stilly. Once was at a very well known but off the road access in Oso and the other time was down on the main stem below I-5 at the barrier dam. This was about 5 years ago or so. After the second time I just had the guy at the muffler shop weld a pipe on and skipped the converter. It was a little stinky but WTF. The only time I've ever been broken into was down at the Marine View Dr. boat launch about 25 years ago.

    A friend of ours came out of Costco the other day and there was a note on his windshield from a good Samaritan saying they had chased away someone attempting to cut the one off his 4runner. He said he always parks over by the tire center to avoid the craziness in the lot.
  7. Salmo_g Active Member

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    This is the first converter theft I've heard of in a couple years. I thought maybe it had gone out of tweaker fashion due to low market value or something.

    Sorry about your loss. Not much one can do about thefts and breakins by tweakers other than carry insurance and get lucky once in a while and catch 'em in the act and pop one.

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  8. Supacash Member

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    Crap, I have a 4runner ... Haven't had the cat stolen (yet) but had a window broken out on the sky a few weeks ago. FYI watch out for a silver late model import with a black bumper and a taped up tail light, caught the bastards in the act.
  9. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I had my car broken in on Pilchuck Creek where it dumps into the main Stilly. They got away with a lot of gear. Since I moved away to greener pastures, I have had no more problems.
  10. Mark Kulikov Active Member

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    Yup. I've not heard of any issues like that in this neck of the woods.
  11. GAT Active Member

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    There are specific parking areas on the McKenzie and rivers around Portland where you do not want to leave your rig when fishing. I'm not sure what the answer is short of electrifying your vehicle while it is parked.

    Cata converts have always been worth a pretty penny. The tweakers finally figured it out. Now they pass on your radio and instead cut up your exhaust system.
  12. seattlee New Member

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    Yes, I have read that Toyotas are favorite targets because of the easy access to the cat.

    My theft prevention strategy now (which other Toyota owners may want to adopt) will be to park over a puddle or almost high-center the truck along the road shoulder to make access to the cat harder. I'ver read that the new cat. that I will be getting has less precious metals (and thus worth very little money) than the old ones, but I don't really think Tweekers will be educated on this point. If I come home with another $800 bill from this happening again, my wife will start being less cool about my fishing habit!
  13. Josh dead in the water

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    Oddly enough, I'd think that parking over a puddle would be surprisingly effective.
  14. JayB Active Member

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    Serious question - let's say you've installed an aftermarket anti-theft mod (such as the one below) and the tweaker is duly thwarted. What are the odds that they say "Aw shucks! You showed me, buddy!" versus the angry thwarted tweaker breaking out all of your windows, taking a dump on your center console, then setting your rig on fire?
  15. GAT Active Member

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    Thieves normally move onto another vehicle instead of flipping out over something they can't steal. They are in it for the money, not for creating damage that gains them nothing. The time spent beating on a vehicle could get them caught.

    There's plenty of vehicles that have no anti theft devices installed and they know this. It's more profitable and safer to move on to a different vehicle.

    In my biz, we hear of a lot of new vehicles on dealership lots that are hit by the tweaker thieves but never have we heard of a vehicle beat up because they couldn't steal whatever they were trying to steal.

    Wheels and tires are something they also like to liberate from vehicles. The new, large size rims cost a fortune.
  16. bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

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    Yeah saturday was a bummer, 3 rigs got hit at blue stilly park. be wary of a white honda with tinted windows (purpleish tint) full of garbage bags and clothes, trouble seems to follow this car
  17. chief Active Member

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    I am amazed that there is a market for such a specialized product. I had no idea catalytic converter theft was such a problem.....
  18. Steve Unwin Active Member

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    I think it was a white civic that broke out my windows at Blue Stilly Park. Definitely not going back there now.
  19. papafsh Piscatorial predilection

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    Sad to say but there are a lot of places I will not fish anymore because of these A-holes. especially the lower sections of the rivers mentioned in the previous posts.
  20. FinLuver Active Member

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    Carry a stout rope in your rig...I'm sure there's stout tree nearby if ya catch 'em.
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