Tweeker Encounter and Stilly Report

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by seattlee, Oct 28, 2013.

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    Depressing reading through this thread.
  3. Mike Garritson Member

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    Bummer man, sorry. Another Tacoma owner here. I'm always expecting my windows to smashed when I walk back to the truck. Forgot about the cat thieves. What I wouldn't give to catch 'em in the act. Nothing like a little vigilante justice to warm a man's heart. "Officer, I was forced to defend myself."
  4. LD Active Member

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    Put some hydraulics on a vehicle and lift it up. Hide in the bushes or rig it with a motion sensor........
  5. cuponoodle breakfast gritty

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    I don't lock my doors anymore. They'll just break the window. If they wanna open the door and look they won't find anything of value. I put an old school club on the steering wheel in hopes they won't take the whole truck.
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    And if there's no stout tree, no worries; just loop it around their neck and drag 'em a couple miles. That should be far enough to prevent recidivism.

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    This was a big problem in MT for a while when I lived there. Not as much in the mountains but around town for sure. If it happened to me I'd be getting a straight pipe welded in instead. Sucks that you have to deal with this kind of crap while trying to "get away". I agree that parking over a puddle would be a good idea. Also, a stout skid plate that covered the cat area would likely be enough to keep them away.
  8. Kaiserman content

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    The only problem with this solution.... is that they are on METH. They'd probably out run your gas tank. :D :(
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    For what it's worth - there was a report of a simultaneous break in of up to ~8 cars in the parking lot for the climbing area out at Index on 10/26. Usual modus operandi seems to be to wait for a train to pass, punch out as many windows as possible, then grab and go.


    Love the area, hate the concentration of low-life thieves out there.
  10. JayB Active Member

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    Evidently it's enough of a problem that there are multiple products on the market....

    Two steps away from the Mad-Max style antitheft/anticarjacking mods they have in South Africa....
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    I used to fish the Stilly a lot 2005-2007, and I always parked by truck in the biggest deepest puddle in the parking lot. I never had my CC sawed off, but I was driving a 15 year old Mazda at the time. Was it the puddle or did my vehicle look like a fellow tweaker's rig?
    I would never park my new Tacoma truck in that area, not worth the risk.

  12. JayB Active Member

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    The multi-sport-message-board-cross-postathon continues:

    Thought I'd post this one since the OP is a LEO in Snoho....

    "Just a heads up to anyone boating northern Sno or southern Skagit counties. We have been seeing a large number of vehicle and parts thefts. Always keeps an eye out for suspicious people around parking areas and don't be afraid to report them.

    Of particular interest to paddlers is one guy we have had running from us for the last few months who tends to hang around the Concrete/Rockport/Marblemount/Darrington areas. He has been targeting items that most of us keep in our cars while boating.

    As always don't try to approach these types of people. Our local upriver boy in particular is known for carrying weapons. "

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    Well shoot. I was all paranoid about fishing Picnic Point this summer due to theft reports and glass in the parking lot and now this report makes me fear for taking my Tacoma to the Stilly. I'd pay $100 or more a year towards law enforcement to ensure occasional drive-bys at local fishing access points. I hate going fishing with car theft on my mind.
  14. Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

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    Oh just take it out and repipe it with 2" stainless from the header..
  15. KerryS Ignored Member

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    So are a few law abiding users of the river. Upriver boy could find himself getting shot. Reason; "Officer, I seen him reaching for a weapon and shot first."
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    Or vice-versa, no?

    Having said that, it *is* well known that a fatal case of lead poisoning can be a potential side effect of heavy meth use so that's very well how the game could end for folks in the car-prowling biz.
  17. Greg Armstrong Active Member

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    I witnessed two Sno'. Co. Sheriffs rigs patrolling in way out of the way up-river access sites where I was fishing today. I've never seen them in these spots before, so maybe they're seriously trying to put a stop to this bullshit.
  18. Itchy Dog Some call me Kirk Werner

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    Thieves suck. Chances of catching them in the act are nil. I'm just gonna get a heat-resistant sticker applied to my cat that reads, "OK, you got my catalytic converter. But you're still a douchebag and a drug addict."
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    Pretty sure this is atleast the third report i have heard, regarding cats being stolen from toyos by the stilly, between the other sites im on...really sucks, i wont fish the sky anymore, i cant fish the stilly for this very reason, and i wont dare to try the cedar.....really sucks with all the theft going on.....just no shame anymore, its like a sport with these assholes.
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    That's the main reason I picked up my concealed carry permit. Had a little altercation on the south fork stilli last winter way out in the middle of nowhere. No thievery though.