Two Flies on One Hook

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by wet line, May 16, 2003.

  1. I have been trying to figure out how to tie an emerger on the front part of a hook and a rising pupae on the shank. This would be for those little itsy bitsy things. Lets say a person were to use a thin wire #10 long shank and tie an emerger on the front by the eye, say a number 18 pattern and a rising pupae on the shank.
    This is the kind of thinking that goes on when your eyes get older and you cann't see those little bitty eyes on the hooks.
  2. I saw these (Suspender Midge and Soft Hackle) in The Fly Shop catalog a while back... similar to what you describe. Looks like they might have a wire extender on the hook. Interesting...
  3. Why don't you look into convertible flies or tube flies. You could tie one type fly on the tube up front and the second could go on the hook itself and leave room to butt up to the first which will end up in the joiner tube attached to the main tube. Interesting concept but it is doable.:dunno
    Bob Studen
    New York
  4. Thanks for the input. I need to think this out and all sugestions are really appreciated!
  5. Tightline,

    Cool recipe!! I wondered how they did that!
    Anyways, saw your post and thought I would mention that I'm from that area... grew up not far from there. If you haven't fished it before, the Davidson gets crowded, and the fish can be picky...

    Good luck! And thanks for that recipe. :thumb :beer2
  6. That is one cool fly

    :thumb :thumb . Looks like a time consumer but still an awesome looking fly and you could tie almost any variation of the emerger. NICE

    ~Patrick ><>
  7. Tightline , help

    I punched in all that adress and couldn't get onto the sight. So I punched in and found ther sight.

    OK then what do I do. I mean since I posed the origional question and you found it I really want to know now! Or even better yet mail me a fly that you tie up and I will reciprocate with one of my really uglies that everyone laughs at. LOL

    thanks for the help Dave

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