Two Handed Gathering on the Beach

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Ed Call, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. Dude, the eyedoctor called. He's attending a two handed gathering on a beach and will have to reschedule for three weeks from this Friday. You can call and confirm or just call and reschedule. You don't want him monkeying with your eyes while he is covered in salt water and flinging flies around do you?
  2. School's in. Steve's out, unfortunately. Don't forget the swap that night at the Tides.
  3. Hey teacher. :ray1:

    How's the leg doing after that nasty spill you had a few months ago?

    Hope you were able to get out before school started.

  4. Alright. I used the pass sent from W.F.F. on my birthday. Looking forward to getting out.

  5. Lucky Bastard :)
  6. Today my POS Pathfinder got towed to the shop from the side of the highway on my commute in to my cubicle. Tentative for me to still be in attendance on Friday based on shuffled priorities, sorry. I might be able to benefit from a ride if anyone has some spare time/room for me and the gear I was planning on bringing along to use and for others to use. I hope that I can take care of all this before Friday and still attend myself. If not you can post photos and rub it in my face!
  7. Mumbles you have to be there I want to meet you. The man who has everythiing and can do everything, and just started fishing recently from what I under stand. Actually I'd be glad to pick you up but I think you're maybe too far on the wrong side of Bremerton from me. It's hard 'to tell from here where this clear cut is hiding that you live in. Bob
  8. Hey Ed,
    I think you know where I live....if you still remember. I'm coming over via the Narrows. Are you on the way for me or are you on the North side of Bremerton?
  9. Ed, I suppose that if one of us can't get you and you can't make it on your own, from your reputation, we'll need half as many donuts. You know I had to do that. right
  10. Guys, plan on going! I plan on going if my truck is out of the shop. Maybe only a blown radiator and thermostat. I'll gladly take a ride, thank you for the offers, but only if my truck is still MIA and you are coming via the Edmonds to Kingston ferry. I live about 12 minutes NNW of the Kingston ferry terminal. Leland, Bob and Kim, thank you all but picking me up would be almost an hour out of your way to pick me up and another hour to get to the beach. I'm hoping for a resolved problem by this time tomorrow evening!
  11. Ed, I'd be honored to accompany you to the clave if you'll let me bunk on the floor Thursday nite. I figure if the pass gods let me pass over Thursday after work, I'll catch the ferry and be there whenever. Clave during the day..head back over the pass that afternoon for the Red's function in the canyon on Saturday. Sounds like a hell of a weekend..screw laundry and dishes.
  12. Eric, awesome idea. It might work, might be too short notice for the misses though. PM coming your way. Ed
  13. Just so people don't thing your lost. The trip from Bainbridge is closer to 45-55 minutes, Kingston is a little shorter.
  14. Good point Floatinghat, the Bainbridge to Bremerton drive is a bit longer, my apologies.

    Everyone still good to go? I am headed to the shop to reclaim my trustee steed Pathfinder. Mechanic reports she is ready to roll. I'm excited to get out on the water with old and new friends.
  15. I'll be there.
  16. and me.........
  17. I'll be there.

  18. I'll be there.
    Careful with icy roads tomorrow...brrr.
  19. Wish I could be there! Don't get the flu...

    For those on HWY 16 from the Narrows Bridge, watch for state patrol between Gig Harbor and Port Orchard. They've had both motos and cruisers out pretty heavily recently.
  20. I'll be there and probably cold like you. Thanks Mike for the warning, everybody drive safe. Leland you had better be there everyone wants to try those rods. How was fishing today? Was it steelhead you were after? Bob

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