Two Handed Gathering on the Beach

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Ed Call, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Excellent, there will be a group braving the early season chilly temps (chilly for here anyway). Eric, sorry your feeling a bit too sore to make it. Next time for sure. Take care. Great heads up about safe speed patrols and even more importantly, the potential heavy frost or ice. No precipitation to really make it slick, but don't let that fool you. See you all in the AM. I'll bring an extra rod and line or two to share and also an extra stripping basket or two also, just in case anyone may need one.
  2. rockfish

    rockfish Member

    I'll be there gonna be cold YA
  3. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    Hey guys that was great I was so glad to meet you all and look forward to seeing you again. I stopped at Gig Harbor and they said DOC'S is open. I'll see you on line or holler if you need someone to fish with. take care Bob i just got to get those lines matched to my rods.
  4. miyawaki

    miyawaki Active Member

    Thanks Bob. It was good to see you. Sorry I missed you at the shop yesterday. Try to get up here to cast with Aaron or Mike. They'll help you get your line set up.

  5. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Awesome time today. Yes, it was a bit cold on the thermometer. We started and it was about 36 and it warmed up to 40 but I don't think I heard anyone complain about the weather. The spot was great for working on the water, next to the ballfield or in the ballfield using that high fence as a simulated high bank to your back. (I hope I have not forgotten anyone...) To those that came that I alread knew, Leland, Kim Hampton, Mr. Bad Example, DryFlyLarry, Mike LaComb, Jeff Bandy, Rockfish and Banzai, it was great to see each of you again. I've not seen many of you for quite some time. Bob, it was great to put a face to a screen name. Let us know when you are headed out so no one has to fish alone. I hope that everyone had a good time and I'll look forward to another similar gathering at any time. There was some ribbing, some stogies, some donuts, lots of rod and line combos to waggle and launch. The location worked well with the beach access, lots of shoreline, grassy space beside the ball fields and the ballfields too. We should do it again sometime, maybe early after the New Year. I hope everyone had a safe trip to the outing and home. I hope the rest of each of your days was great too. We had some two handed overhead casting madness today. We got to two handed overhead rods that Leland, Bob, Banzai and I brought and it seemed that after a few attempts many guys were able to put out plenty of line that way. Isn't that right Mr. Bad Example and Dry Fly Larry. Yup, I saw you guys rocking Leland and my switch rods.

    Good times fellas. Until the next time, keep at it! Thanks for coming to do some Kitsap County Urban Fishing!
  6. Richard Torres

    Richard Torres Active Member

    Glad to hear Ed you all had a good time despite the chilly weather..
  7. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    Thanks Ed and Leland. I saw and heard a lot and tried enough to feel I was really the benificary of our session. I definetly will continue my progress by making at least one trip and probably more up north to try those weekend classes. It was great the way I am feeling after being out and it can only get better as I get better and learn more. Being able to compare what I can do with what you were doing gives me much more confidence that i will be able to do what i want as far as enjoyinig casting and fishing in the future. And of course now I want a switch rod in my future after saying that I had enough. Thanks again to all who were there I'm sure we'll run across each other again someday. Bob :)
  8. rockfish

    rockfish Member

    it was a good time putting faces to monikers, weather was perfect. Thanks for the popper heads leland. We should have a get together at docs soon
  9. Kim Hampton

    Kim Hampton Not Politically Correct

    Yep it was a great time today with everyone. Learned some stuff. Still have a lot to learn with these rods. A lot. Did I say a lot.:beathead::beathead:

    It was fun watching Leland cast.....That slow, smooth stroke...He said it was because he was old.....hmmmm.:rofl::rofl:

    Always great meeting new people with the same interests.
    Good time. More of these events should take place. They are great.:thumb:

  10. dryflylarry

    dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

    Nice meeting you guys today. I had a good time trying to cast those two-handers! I might have to get back into steelheading again! It was a little hard identifying all who was there thru the thick cigar smoke....:D but I finally figured out who was who! I appreciate you guys bringing over your rods to try out. Now I'm totally confused as to a preference. I left to do a little cutthroat fishing just a little ways north and came up with a small cutt. All I can say is I didn't get skunked! Thanks for putting this together Ed and thanks for Leland coming over from Orvis and the others from Seattle. I enjoyed it. There is some sort of "rush" I got from casting those! :thumb: I just got back from the Tides Tavern and the "shrimp swap". It was great!
  11. miyawaki

    miyawaki Active Member

    It was great seeing and meeting you guys. Lion's Park is a great venue to have these saltwater casting claves. I'll see you real soon, maybe even down there again to fish.

  12. I acted out my function of making everyone else look like they knew what they were doing by comparison and ate my first maple bar in 45 years........thanks to all of you bringing the rods and your sense of humor.
  13. jcnewbie

    jcnewbie Member

    Great that you all had great time!! Someday....someday....I'll get to attend one of these events and meet a bunch of ya'all!

    I'm sooo jealous right now....:clown:

    Jc :thumb:
  14. golfman65

    golfman65 Guest

    Sorry I missed this...

    Had to stay home and mind the shop..been stupid busy so no trip up north either...Had a good stock of cigars ready too...
  15. jeff bandy

    jeff bandy Make my day

    Bummed that I showed up so late. Still I got to say hi to a few of you and get in some casting practice with the new setup. No fish touched by hand or hook.

    Ed, Tried that other beach on the way home. No joy.

    Nice just to get a line wet.

  16. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry to hear that Jeff. Great to see you. I think I had two quick hits shortly after getting on the water, but no true joy. We've got to get that Matt Smith fella active and out again and start planning for the next Hoh down!
  17. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    Maybe we should take a little time to see what if any changes in gear we all make after learning what we have at this beach party and then we should do it again. We'll have the ones who didn't make it to add to the group and any new or changed epuipment to show for it. I already found that the other rod I brought was totally wrong for the line weight it was marked. Now I'll be checking all my others to be sure i'm using the best match. I suppose it's possible that I might tie a fly or two also. Enjoy winter what ever you do and I hope to see you along the way. Bob
  18. dryflylarry

    dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

    So since casting the two handed rods I have a question regarding real fishing situations. Obviously, once you master the techniques, fly fishing for steelhead this way has got to be fun. So, not knowing the techniques to ANY degree at this point, doesn't "ripping" (not the correct term of course!) your line out of the water in front of you spook the fish?! Hopefully you spey guys are working it out carefully along the stream at first, right? Seems like pulling 60' of line out of the water or more would put a number of fish down...:hmmm:
  19. miyawaki

    miyawaki Active Member


    The casts in the saltwater are not the same casts we use fishing for steelhead in rivers. The line comes to rest directly downstream of us in the shallow near edge before we make the change of direction cast.

  20. dryflylarry

    dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

    Thanks Leland. That makes sense. Too much "dryfly" brain working here... I guess I should think about spey lessons sometime. :)