Two Handed Overhead Casting Rods for the Salt?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Stonefish, Aug 4, 2005.

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    I've cast the 11' 7" Meiser many times at River Run Anglers and even taken it out to the Yakima and it's awesome! I can't remember the specific lines that I've used on it, but others can help you figure that out. Better yet, go out there and try it out and you'll convince yourself in no time.

    On the Yak you'll only want to use it when you're wading, since its overkill when fishing from a boat and in some of the smaller stretches.
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    Tom, I've been slavering over the rod for about a year now, but I've got a Meiser 11'7" 5/6/7 coming my way sometime before September 1, so I'll be able to tell you something about it after I take it out for a walkabout a couple of times. I'd be happy to meet up somewhere and let you give it a go.

    Once I get the basics out of the way, I would hope to be able to meet up with someone more experienced with the 2 hand cast to, as Steve says, help me get more out of the rod. I would love to clave up on the 2 handers.
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    I am the other guy Matt refers to and use the atlantis in both sizes for beach fishing out here. Well used to. I move to Rhode Island next week and will be able to get the rod a lot more of a workout back there. The saltwaters fishing is insane out there.

    One thing I will mention if you are just starting out is to get a good line. The past few years we have been doing a lot of chopping and splicing as normal shooting heads just do not do a good job of holding the casting energy that two handers can generate. The energy just blows out the end of the line and you loose a lot of distance. However RIO now has the outbound line which was designed with overheading with two hands in mind. They are a 37.5 feet long which is a good length as is fishes well. Long lines can be a pain to get back out of the rod guides to setup a cast. Shorter lines alleviate that problem. They shoot like crazy. The only downside is the line is only 120' long which is easy to hit with my atlantis'. I wish it was 150' so I wasn;t in my backing all the time. Will be splicing more on.

    Airflo does have one line called the beach tamer with was built for the 1111 Atlantis. Super nice line and if you have the atlantis or a similiar wt rod it is another line to look at. It rocks.

    Good luck and I am going to miss the coho from the beach...not really. Stripers , bluefish, albacore, and bonito here I come!

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