Two Handed Overhead Fly Rod

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by delawarean, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. I’ve been fly fishing in saltwater (stripers, Blues, sea trout, etc.), for well over 45 years with single handle rods from 7 to 10 weight. Presently, I decided to try 2 handed overhead rods to achieve more distance only when needed. I just bought the new 11 foot, 8 weight, Deer Creek TFO 2 handed rod. (Mfg Recommendations - 400-600 gr. or 7-10 weight lines)
    Three Questions-
    a) Suggest a manufacturer’s line for maximum casting distance in 3’ deep flats, (light winds), an Intermediate line.
    b) Suggest another manufacturer’s line for fly fishing from a jetty into 25’ of water depth, (light winds), a medium sinking line.
    c) Finally, suggest a line for fishing the heavy surf, (moderate winds), probably medium sink line.
    I assume that fly lines would either be heads with looped running lines, integrated line heads, or Weight Forward lines.
    A tough question, but would really appreciate recommendations from experienced 2 handed overhead anglers. Much thanks!

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