Two new rods!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by WA-Fly, Aug 13, 2013.

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    I sent my redington CT 8'6" 3wt in for repair a few days ago, I was heart broken that it couldn't be fixed. But I must say I'm very impressed with the new redington Tempt they sent back along with the still broken CT. I also ordered a TFO finesse 5' halfweight that arrived the other day, every one seems to have a different opinion on the rod but I like it. The half weight will be the perfect rod for small creeks or even the Sno forks.
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    I was told at my local fly shop the other day that Redington was bringing back the original CT. Seems the Tempt was not very well received. Was also told they are discontinuing the Link, a rod I very much enjoy, so go figure.
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    The CT should have remained in the: "If it ain't broke don't fix it!" bin. I have often wondered why a perfectly good product is replaced by one that is different but no better. It must have something to do with the mindless dicks that inhabit the marketing department.

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    That's pretty accurate info. Kind of random that it's happened so quickly on both rods though. The Tempt is the exact same as the CT with a new paint job and name. That's it... I suppose the name recognition of the CT meant a lot to folks.

    Look for the new Vapen to replace the Link. It's odd that the Link lasted just a year (and I think it was nicer than the CPX but I prefer my CPS to both of them), and based on the Vapen's unorthodox appearance, I don't think it was the Link's styling. Perhaps the new Vapen is truly a lighter, crisper rod with a lighter swing weight to boot? I don't know.

    That said, Redington is walking a fine line here. Discontinuing rods at this pace is probably not healthy and it's hard to build brand recognition and loyalty when you're constantly discontinuing things. I understand the 3-5 year time frame but a year seems pretty ridiculous. When you have so much continuity on rod lines from your main competitors in this price range (Echo and TFO are much more consistent with their rods/upgrading them, etc), it can be risky to do what Redington is doing.

    That said, I love Redington single-handed rods. For the money, they've proven to be great for my uses. I am glad they're keeping the Torrent in the line. That's an underrated rod in my opinion! About as light as the Link with a much smoother, yet still very fast action. It really reminds me of a Sage VXP, and the only downside is the limited models (no 9'6 or extra salt specific models like a 691, etc). I've written reviews on the Torrent in my blog if you'd like more info.
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    I didn't really feel any difference casting the tempt. I think its just a CT with a different paint job too, but to me it looks way nicer.
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    Cool thanks for the info, Tyler. I haven't tossed a Torrent yet, but I have no doubt it's a quality rod. About this time last year when I was in the market for a new 8 wt I went to my local shop and threw every 8 he had on the rack. I tossed some that were much more expensive, but when it came time to try out the Link I knew I was hooked. I just love the feel of that rod. Now the Rise reel with matching color scheme, well that I just got cause it was cool! (Though I have landed a ton of salty fish on that reel and have only rinsed it off maybe a time or two, and it hasn't skipped a beat)

    I haven't owned a CT, but I have cast a few. Great little rods, just never really needed one for the fishing I do. For me it's mostly faster action rods, but if I was going to look at doing some small stream fishing or something I'd jump all over a CT.
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    some pictures of the TFO

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