Two Pc. vs. 4 pc.

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  1. I was wondering what the reason was for rod makers to go from a 2 piece to 4 piece. Was it because of transport?

    I ask because my sage rod is in the shop (which is a four piece) and I have been using a two piece and sorta like it better. Keeps everything straight.

  2. I like a four piece to have the option to strap it to my pack for the day if I'm hiking somewhere.
  3. I started with 2pc rods . . .sold them all in favor of 4pc rods . . .and now have added a couple of 2pc rods back into my collection. It's nice to have the 4pc available for air travel. Otherwise, I prefer the simplicity of the 2pc. On some older rods (Loomis GLX classic, for example), I think the 2pc versions cast better.
  4. I have 2pc, 3pc, 4pc, 5pc, 6pc, and 8pc rods. I've convinced myself they all have a place, a purpose and each does something a bit different. Most of mine are 4pc. If the rod does what you want and feels good doing it, what is to think about?
  5. My preference in the number of pieces depends primarily on rod length in question and intended usage.
    I have a much loved GLoomis 10' 2pc 4wt that strictly travels by car/truck only.
  6. I have long wondered what the rush to 4 pc rods was all about. I can certainly understand how they are more convenient for travel purposes. But more pieces = more complexity and a greater opportunity for failure. Not to mention probably more expensive to build. I have several myself but they seem more fussy to me than a simple sweet handling 2 pc. It turns out that some of my 4 pc rods are stored partially assembled as 2 pc in a conventional rod case with the reel attached. The erector set nature of the 4 pc rod is just not a plus to me.

    But then again I would perhaps feel different if I had to fly somewhere. I have witnessed 3 airplane crashes and been in a 4th, there is little chance I will ever see the inside of an aircraft again. I like it here on terra firma just fine.

  7. I prefer 4 pc for convenience when transporting - especially for anything over 8'. I still have several 2 pc rods and they get used too. With todays graphite, etc. composites I really don't think there is a performance issue, but thats just my opinion. I bought my oldest son a travel rod that I think is 8'4" or 6" and 6 or 7 pieces because he flies all the time. I wondered about the action and "feel" of the rod with all those ferrules, but when I fished with it for half a day this summer I came away really impressed! So much so, that I may get one myself.
  8. I suppose vendors want to offer as much variety as they can so as to hook we fisherfolk. Remember the days when you could choose from a dozen engine and tranny options when buying a car? Not much of a choice today. So, I guess the variety in rods is good. Most of mine are vintage fiberglass and therefore two piece. Of my graphite rods two are three piece and two are two piece. I never think about it when I am fishing and that is what counts to me.
  9. I like the way a 4pc rod travels in my truck and fits on my boat. I can secure a 4pc (broke down) nicely on the pontoon if desired for lake or river fishing.
  10. The Only reason for a four piece is convenience in travel and storage. And that being said, is a good reason. Four pieces in a good rod is very good rod. But, its all about travel and convenience.
  11. I have 2, 3, & 4-piece rods. I prefer the simplicity & action of a 2, but my 4's have fine actions, just take a bit more time to set-up & periodically align. They are easy to transport, however.
  12. It used to be folks preferred the 2 pc because there was a discernible performance difference, but that doesn't exist any more (for the most part), and cost. There used to be a big difference in cost between the 2 and the 4 piece rods, but that price difference keeps getting smaller. As others have noted, 4 piece rods give you more flexibility. Unless travelling, I keep my 4 piece rods as 2 piece rods, kept in 2 piece reel-on rod cases.

    So, it's all personal preference; I find the advantages of the 4 piece rods outweigh its disadvantages. But, if you like 2 piece rods, go with it; it's all about you and what works for you!

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