"Two Pole" on quality waters

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  1. The comment period for the fishing regulation proposals has been extended to Jan 29th, so let them know how you feel. For what its worth, I find it amusing that when the WDFW required an $8.75 Columbia River Endorsement for steelhead and salmon, a lot of anglers complained. Even though the funds are going to be used for the enhancement of that particular fishery. Now that they offer a two pole endorsement for $14.80 and you still get to catch the same amount of fish, anglers are giving their money to the WDFW with out batting an eye. Tom
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  2. I have no problem with two rods as long as you can use two hand gernades at the same time. I dont think most people will treat the fish with any respect so keep in the put and take lakes only....

  3. Huh? I think you are very wrong! People who fish quality waters or otherwise are who they are regardless of their respect for the resource the extra rod will not change that. I use the endorsement and I treat the fish with great respect. I think most will treat the fish with respect especially in selective waters.
  4. Same fish treatment here and most of my fishing is in the "anything goes" waters. Most of the basin lakes, quality lakes or not, are excellent for fly fishing.
  5. I think this debate is silly. Use two rods if you wish, it doesn't change the game much besides helping some guys get dialed in and the few that can actually manage 2 rods might catch (and release) more fish. I, however, can barely manage my 1 rod, let alone think about tossing a second at the same time.
  6. I'm in this camp. Using two rods at once just flies in the face of my mantra of "keeping it simple." I wouldn't want to have to manage a double hookup.
    Also, we should award a booby prize to the first two-pole angler photographed while attempting to unsnarl a tangled up mess of lines with a trout on the end of each one.

  7. I'd love to experience it with one or two rods! My lake game leaves much to be desired! :D
  8. http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/forum/index.php?threads/father-son-trip.82581/

    Click the above link scroll down about seven posts and look at my pictures there. 4 fish in the net at the same time, two fish on one rod with two flies on it that my son was fishing (although I'm the one who set the hook), one fish on one of my two rods with my two rod endorsement and one fish on the other. 4 fish at the same time. Then look at the resulting mess. Was it worth the untangling? Hell yes!
  9. I'm slightly disgusted at how dialed in you get Ira :p

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  10. Well, the other side of the coin here, is that the State can make more money if they can sell the endorsement. I personally will not buy it, but hey, if it floats your boat, go for it. I just hope that it is not so successful that the bean counters in Olympia decide to tax something else for me to pay, and it is something that I really like to do. Do we recall the Discover Tax... er Pass?
  11. Charlie, One must get out fishing occasionally to require the two rod endorsement.:p
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  12. Now after razzing Olive Bugger... a moment of seriousness. I have a two rod endorsement and at the end of the year realize I only used two rods less than 10% of the time. Most were during the Spring when chronie fishing.
  13. If I did that, I would get my flies wet!
  14. This is the only circumstance that I would consider having a two-rod endorsement. There have been many cases when I'm fishing a lake with a sinking line and I have a rod with a floating line strung up with me in the float tube when I see a fish rise. It would be nice to be able to cast quickly without having to first reel in the sinker.
  15. Me to, me to. I firmly support the two rod endorsement!
  16. This happened to me on Monday. I was trolling and saw a trout rise about 100 feet ahead of me and maybe 60 feet off to my right. Didn't feel like hassling with the switcheroo. (Plus, I'm trying to avoid casting with my compromised right arm, so I'm mainly sticking with trolling for the time being). I just quietly paddled a slow circle around the area of the rise and my fly line closed in around the zone like a purse seine net. Got a grab on the trolled fly...fish on! Going around them in a circle doesn't spook 'em as much as paddling straight over 'em.

    But there is usually time to reel in and grab the other rod. Its just a hassle, that's all.
  17. "like a purse seine net" now that's funny.

  18. I'm glad Richard mentioned his instance of using two rods. I once emailed the WDFW to ask if the two-rod permit was supposed to cover using two rods simultaneously (think trolling with two rods), or just carrying two rods but not using at the same time, or both. The contact person who replied failed to address the distinctions I made. So what are people really paying for? I certainly don't know. And it bugs me that the WDFW answer person appears to be equally clueless. Can anyone answer my question?


    --Dave E.
  19. Fishing with two rods (in the water) at the same time.
  20. If it wasn't fishing two rods at the same time then I and countless other members of this sight would have been in trouble years ago. Hell I've had as many as 5 rods rigged up in my boat at the same time ready for different situations.

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