Two top water pattern setup works great!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Roger Stephens, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Over the last month or so the sea-run cuthroat fishing has been pretty good but nothing to get too excited about. Over the past two week, the fish have been spreading out to their usual sumertime "hang outs". Sunday and Tuesday, the fishing was excellent with many very large sea-run cutthroat hooked on top water patterns. However, numerous large ones were LDR'ed but that is okay since the surface take is what it is all about.

    I was using a two top water pattern setup. The front fly was a tube sand lance pattern and the back fly was a tube squid pattern. The photo shows a sea-run cutthroat and the two fly setup. Most fish were hooked on the back pattern.

    The distance between front and back patterns is 8 inches and no tangles occurred. However, I am going to increase the distance to 18 to 24 inches. Hopefully, it will not result in tangles. I am going to try using other combinations of tube top water patterns such as pile worm, sculpin, and wooly bugger(black, olive, and reddish/brown).

    On Tuesday I fished 10 locations and hooked sea-run cuthroat at 7 of those spots. The water temperature varied from 56 to 57 degrees F. Once summertime water temperatures reach the low to mid 60 degrees F., I will quite fishing for sea-run cutthroat as I don't want to stress them. It will be time to fish some lakes for large mouth bass and try to catch some carp.


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  2. Spent some time out there on Tuesday morning myself. Had a great day. Did not fish any top water though. Obviously something I need to work on.

    By any chance, do you cast left handed? Saw on other fly fisherman and he was a left handed caster. He was anchored off a long point.

    Did manage to catch a adipose clipped silver about 15 inches. I could not remember what you wanted with the resident silvers and was not able to find your previous on them. Can you refresh my memory please?
  3. Squaxin fish are adipose clipped only, Minter late release coho are also vent clipped. They want to track where these fish go, but don't have a good system for collecting the data in place. Roger may have some up to date info from the Squaxins.

    Minter will release again July 1.
  4. I cast left handed and was anchored on a shallow gravel bar mid-morning so it was probably me. I saw you fishing a couple of hundred yards north of me then you motored by me to the west.

    It is a difficult gravel bar to fish since the tidal current is usually so strong plus it is extremely shallow. A power tilt motored is needed otherwise it is easy to damage a propeller. A 21 to 25 lb. lead pryamid anchor helps to hold when the current is strong.

  5. Roger, were you able to get Will some fish?
  6. That is a tough piece of water to fish. I have tried a few times. Maybe a different approach next time. Thanks for the tip Roger.

    My guess is that was you. My boat is tan in color. I

    I caught the silver in the inlet north west of your location. Hopefully I will remember to charge my camera battery before my next outing.

  7. I have not been able to land any newly released coho for Will yet. I probably hooked a couple of them but they were LDR when the fish start twirling which coho often do. I have checked out much of the southern area of Marine Area 13 looking for them..

    If anyone sees some of these fish along a shoreline, please PM so that I might be able to catch some of these newly released coho so they can be analysised for any health issues.


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