Tying a stinger. Need advice

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by nwtroutguy, Apr 5, 2014.

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    Ok, I done a thorough search and looked at previous threads and it would seem there are some preferences on the material.

    I will be tying 6 or 7 inch long clousers with sythetic materials on a 3/0 hook.

    Hook size for trailer? 2/0? 1/0?

    Can I add the stinger to leading hook bend if I already have some tied up?

    Any help is much appreciated,

  2. Jim Darden Active Member

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    help me here...what are you tying for...billfish...muskys....ling cod....?
  3. nwtroutguy The Tug Is The Drug

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    Good question....oops!

    I am tying for trophy Lake Trout up in Sasasskatchewan in September. Lot's of deceiver, baitfish and clouser type patterns.
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    Tie on a loop of heavy (20-40) mono first, big enough to slip and loop your hook through eyelet all the way, pull hook through loop and pull snug.
  5. Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

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    If you plan to release the fish you will be targeting then cut the front hook off.
    Using one hook makes it much easier to release fish and the single hook does less damage to the fish then two hooks.
    If you decide to cut the front hook off, use a inexpensive hook rather then cutting good hooks.
    You can use lots of different of materials to make a stinger loop. Mono, braid, backing, Senyo wire etc.
    I like to run the loop material through the eye then fold it under. After doing so coat the wraps with super glue and it will never pull out.
    If you leave your loop long enough you can also swap the stinger hook out if it gets dinged up or you want to change the hook size.
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    check on you tube. put in intruder or some other fly with a trailer and you get a nice video with a "how too" which helps. at least it did for me.
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    Hey NW TROUT GUY!!

    *Instead of cutting GOOD HOOKS.........cut hairpins!! My good friend put this on a good website.

    http://www.speypages.com/speyclave/showthread.php?t=46857&highlight=cheap shanks

    Scroll down a ways and you'll see.

    I use this on long streamers and steelhead Intruders and soon cool extended trout flies.

    M3?mountain MAde Media is my sons company. Joe and his fishing partner Beau are ALWAYS on big fish!! Here is the link to Joe's site!