Tying desk

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Rob Ast, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Hey Kodiak,

    Nice fish art on the walls. Also like all the Tibor boxes...
  2. Are you single? That's what's allowed me to convert every dining room I've ever had into a tying room. :ray1:
  3. Thanks man. The boxes work well for all kinds of stuff. I've them all over the house holding assorted crap.

    If you're ever out by Dryke road, stop in and you can see it first hand.
  4. I have looked a good number of desks by various mfg's.
    My biggest negative always seems to be the depth of the drawers is way too small for serious holding capacity. In particular, the ones on the upper portion of them.
  5. roll top desk for sure. Makes the wife happy.....and the cats are safe too. after the cat tried to eat the last wolly bugger.... it was time for a roll top desk. Got a good price off of craigslist.

    I miss that wolly bugger. :)
  6. Six finger. I have a friend with that desk, It is perfect. I have been looking for one. The use to sell at Fred and Mayer but are no longer there.

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