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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by jfh9, Mar 5, 2005.

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    I am new to fly-tying and am wondering if anyone has any advice on where to get quality materials for tying. I live in Bremerton and there is Sportmens Warehouse and a fly shop in Bainbridge, but I am curious if there are any catalogs or online retailers with a better selection.

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    I dont have an answer for your question but wanted to let you know of another fly shop in Tacoma that has a good selection of materials as well as very knowledgable employees with regards to the salt. It is called the Morning Hatch and is located at 3640 S Cedar St, Tacoma, WA 98409.
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    what are you trying to tie?
    I can get everything i need at NW Angler.
    I can't imagine that you would need much especially if you are just starting out...
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    I try to support the local shops as much as I can. If we don't, pretty soon there won't be any local shops.

    However, when money is tight and I need a bunch of stuff I do shop at Hook and Hackle on line. www.hookhack.com They have pretty good prices and give a 20% discount for on line orders. I usually have my order within 5 days.

    Hackle is hard to buy unless you can look at it yourself. I have had really good luck buying hackle from Denny Conrad at www.conranch.com. He's located over at Elk, WA and does his own breeding of birds for genetic hackle. He deals directly with tiers, no middle man, and his prices are reasonable. The hackle is as good as any I've used. Best thing to do is call Denny and let him know what your tying and sizes you'll be tying and ask him for help. He won't sell you anything you don't need.

    Hope this helps.

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  6. Jeremy Husby Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?

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    Hunter's Angling Supplies, the best mail-order catalog for fly tyers. To start out buy from your local shops, get to know them and you'll be able to get whatever you need. Just ask, they might seem grumpy but it's us that keeps'um going. You never know, get good enough and you can start tying for your local shop then get discounts on you materials.
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    I'd 2nd Hunters Angling Supplies, do a good job, good return/exchange program.Have never had an "issue" turn out badly.And have only had a cpl issues at all.

    Local shops are important so make sure you throw some business their way when you need that "thing" now.And just sometimes when you feel like "shopping".Local shops are a excellent way to try and test out "new" materials as well.

    If not a hunter yourself,for waterfowl feathers go to a local boat ramp where the duck hunters are going/coming in and "beg" for skins-offer to pick or skin their birds for them.Or buy the first and 2nd pitchers at the pub up the street :beer2: :beer2:

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    Buying local gives you the chance to look and feel what you are buying. Not all packages of material are equal. If the local does not have what you need, ask them to order it if they can. If they can't, then resort to the mail order. You can't beat the advice and tips that the local shop can offer, not to mention the fishing reports. We lost out local for awhile. The new one doesn't have everything yet and never will, but it is nice to have some basics close at hand. Our support ia the only thing that will keep the local shops afloat. :thumb:
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    Exactly! :thumb:
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    There is a little fly shop over in Port Orchard called Baystreet Outfitters has some fly fishing stuff not to bad for small shop.