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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Irafly, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. In attempting to tie more patterns on jig hooks, I've moved into Rickards Stillwater nymph and jig scuds. The problem I'm having is tying the patterns with the hook up versus down and then attempting to finish the patterns with a top cover. The hook keeps getting in my way. I manage, but does anyone have any idea how to make it easier? Maybe a SBS?
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  2. Jig hooks can be tough. A SBS showing some helpful hints would be great.
  3. You mean like you keep stabbing yourself? You could move the hook further into the vise so the jaws cover the hook or put a piece of rubber tubing or eraser on it. I keep forgetting a lot when I wrap marabou and it covers the hook...go to smooth the feathers back and jab the hook in my finger.

    A good reach around will help you in placing materials in the throat.
  4. curious what you mean by jig scuds

    got a picture or ref?

    working on scuds now myself

  5. Yep. A good reach around always seems to help with most things.
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  6. i fall out of my chair when i tie upside down! :eek:
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  7. Ira, the sad news is you may have to prepare the "step by step".
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  8. Ira, glad you brought this up. I've been struggling with the stillwater nymph as well. Last years batch were nicknamed "nubs" by my son. They were crude. So far my best looking ties (size 12) have been by tying the tail in on the other side just like a regular hook then clip the excess. Spin the hook over point up, get my marabou wet tie it in at the bead. Run the thread to the bend while holding the clump on the side nearest me, letting the thread roll it to the top of the shank as I wind it. Then tie in my wire and hackle dub my body using less material because I already built up some bulk. I think I will get some size 10 hooks as that has been my most successful size in a regular tie. We will probably rot in stillwater hell for tying these. Denny does not like beads and I"m pretty sure from reading his books he wouldn't like jig hooks any better. Sorry no pics I am internet challenged. Even though last years flies were ugly my son out fished everyone in our party(7 or 8) on the march opener. Nubs were the only pattern he used for three days
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  9. I could do the same and then use my wire to rib up the marabou cover versus trying to tie it in at the back. Ok let me play around. I think this will also work for the scud backing.
  10. cover the hook point with a piece of junction tube
  11. I'm not actually hooking myself (that would have been easy enough to solve) it is the hook point and turn itself that is getting in the way of laying down materials on the shank of the hook.
  12. You have to buy those hooks without bends, what are those called again?;)
    Do you have problems laying down the materials on the bottom side of right-side-up flies? if not then just turn it over tie the USD like you would a normal fly.
    I think its awkward to tie USD flies, at least the back end of the fly, if you put the hook in upside down. It has to do with the angle that I wrap my thread. Trying to avoid the hook point is harder to do and it often feels like crossing your arms the opposite way.
  13. The big problem for me is tying in shell backs or scud backs in at the bend. Also tails there is no room for me to hold the material while I wrap the thread.
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  14. psssst . . .beadhead stillwater nymphs fish really well under indicators . . .even without the jig hook

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  15. I think that we need to get together and tie because I'm starting to understand that you might be one of the only people exploring this concept. I think we might be on the cusp of something here. And when I say we I mean you, because your pattern in a certain swap screamed at me based on some of my own exploration and since then I've been on a tear. Where do you live?

    troutpocket? Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)
  16. But its not ocd enough for me.
  17. Hey Ira I'm in edmonds lynnwood area not far.
  18. Ok then, lets do this. I'll bring my camera and we can create a SBS once we work out the details.
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  19. Now that is one SBS that I will be REALLY looking forward to.

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