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  1. After seeing Pwoens sculpin pattern a couple weeks ago, I decided to buy some sculpin wool/ram's wool. Now that I have some, how do you tie with it? He indicated it's like working with glo bug yarn; you just lash it down and trim. Any other tips on how to work with it? I'm interested in using it for...you guessed it, sculpin patterns.
  2. I just started working with it, but from what I have seen there are two schools of thought. One is to essentially place piecs arond the shank and the pull it back as you would for spinning deer hair. another is to take the bundle of wool and slide it over the hook with the eye of the hook in the middle of the bundle and lash it down in the middle, the pull back the tips as with the last method. Clear as mud? I thought so. I would check out the Benchside Tiers reference by schollmeyer if you can get your hands on a copy of it. Thats what I did, but I'm sure there are guys here who will have way different ways for us to go about doing it.:beer2:
  3. Put it on top of the hook, wrap the thread 'round it twice (looseley at first, tighten thread at the end of the second wrap, 'help' the wool spin around the hook shank as you tighten that second wrap. Repeat as needed.
  4. I'm glad this question was asked because i was wondering the same question today just hadn't asked it yet.
  5. That's the same way i spin marabou for my steelie patterns. should be easy enough
  6. Using a small comb, especially one designed for mustaches, etc. can really help after you have tied on the sculpin wool. I comb out the wool before final trimming. This can show you if you have gaps to fill and help create cleaner looking heads

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    Above are some large GLs sculpin/goby patterns we call BFU (Big Fat Uglys) out here that we use for steelhead, salmon, and big river trout. Using the sculpin head wool and the methods described above its pretty easy really.

    You can also color these permanent markers as you like add some stripes etc.

    Been tying a lot of these lately in various light and dark colors as depending on the river the sculpin colors can vary.

    These are double hooked together with some maxima which gives it a wiggling action.

    Steelies out here really hate sculpins and take these hard.

    Well back to the bench to finish another BFU.

    Give them a try on your big river trout also.



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