Tying your own leaders

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Chef, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. I like tying some for turnover of bigger things. Dries normally are fished on factory tapered leaders. I have a small patch of towel or chamois that I wet and use to clean any junk off my knots. Works way better than fingers alone. Shortens the fly leader knot "junk" cleanup.
  2. Sometimes I tie my own, steelhead. big bushy dries and some lake/sinking; although I've started using poly leaders for steelhead, and like it and sinking leaders are often just 3 ft of level something x.

    As for tying them to save money, I suspect it is like flies; on only another 100,000 or so I'll have broken even -- provided I don't buy any more material . . .
  3. After reading an article years ago on some 90+ year old tying his own I decided to try it. Although I never write the recipes down, its not hard to get the leader correct for the fly in use.

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