U of I, Spey Rods, and Steelhead?????

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Luv2flyfish, Nov 2, 2004.

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    Has anyone spent any time in, on, or around the University of Idaho?

    I am sitting at 180 days from getting out of the "Big Green Machine" and am trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do with the rest of my adult life. I guess its time to take the plunge and go to school (I will be the grandpa of the freshman class). I am looking back to U of I as I had originally planned about 6 years ago. However, I am severly addicted to steelhead fishing and the thought of leaving washington damn near makes me want to cry. But, U of I is WAAAAAAAY More cost effective to a broke ass soldier than U of W. Soo, my question is - is there even the SLIGHTEST, most remote possibility of a peice of spey rod water with a steelhead in it within a reasonable distance of the U of I and Moscow? If there is no chance of steelhead around the U of I, I am going to have to go back to the plans drawing board and figure out how to make washington work so I can stay in WA? Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


    ps: ramadan is the Iraqi's holiday to shoot large quantities of mortars at coalition forces.......those things are hard on a guys hearing! :beathead:
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    Snake, Clearwater, Salmon, and Grande Ronde.

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    In Moscow you would be 45 minutes from the Snake and the Clearwater. One hour to where the Grande Ronde dumps into the Snake. In 1 I/2 hours you can be fishing at Schumacher or Boggans Oasis. Upland game birds are prolific in the Palouse, mule deer in the breaks of the Ronde. Live in Pullman commute to Uof I then you don't have t buy your Washington State fishing and hunting licenses for non-resident fees. The bonus would be in the spring you could fish allthe Eastern Washington lakes.
    Moscow isnt the end of the world go for it!!
    jesse james :thumb:
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    Right on! Thanks - Things are looking up already. Thats darn good news!

    I'll look at Pullman. With all these years in the service vested now I have to figure out all this residency garbage. I dont mind paying non-res license fees for a few years. Its been a hook up in the military being a resident for hunting and fishing as soon as I set foot in a new place. Soo, I guess I owe it to the various fish and games for the last few years. I havent totally committed to anything yet, but UI is looking like the best option. I am waiting to see if a summer alaska employment gig is going to work out first. If that falls through, my entire plan is going to have to get revamped again. Thanks again for the input. J :thumb:
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    ask Piscivore about the U of I, he goes there now as a fisheries resource major. as for fishing, your spey rod ops would be the clearwater and grand ronde mainly. both have great steelheading and you can get to good water on either within 1 1/2 hours. other steelheading is available but not necessarily spey such as the tucannon, touchet, walla walla. great opportunities abound but there is nothing what i would consider close. other than the spring valley res(for trout, bass and sunfish) y'r going to have to drive an hour or better for anything decent. the snake is a good place but not for flyfishing really. when i lived there, we made use of some pretty unlikely, unorthodox and undesirable waters and fish to keep us busy for when we couldnt make a serious fishing trip. -ryan
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    That is quite a bonus about being in the military, whether you are actually a resident, if you are stationed in that state you are considered one as well as your original state of residency, next month i will be considered a resident of utah.
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    Just to give you something to think about I too am now attending school...talk about being an old man in the freshman class, right now I attend Everett Community College and then will transfer to WSU to finish my degree in Wildlife Biology. The 2-yr college is way much cheaper then the University and hopefully when I transfer I'll only half to take about a year maybe year and a half at Wazzu.

    Also all you need to become a resident anywhere is to have a residency. Go find an apartment or house, if you have a family, and put the utilities in your name and boom you can get proof of residency and get your drivers license and the like before you enroll in any particular school.

    Just my .02
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    I agree with all of the above. Although Union Flats ditch has some trout and other such fish in it (it is about 10 min. from Pulman). There are some Great bass and Carp ops in the Snake, as well as the SH and trout fishing. A spay would be fine for the Snake, Clearwater, lower Selway, GR, Salmon, and the mouth of the Asotin, Alpowa and Deadman creeks. There are lots of trout opportunities in Idaho and OR, but a 3 or 4wt will serve you better than a spay for that. Check Amber and its sister lakes in the fall and spring.
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    stjerry, you know about UFC as well huh? that is an unlikely little gem isnt it?
  10. Gabriel Burgi doesn't live in WA anymore :(

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    Welcome....sort of.

    Even though you are not here yet, I would like to extend an invitation to you to join the club that Clockwork started up when he was here, Squaws Unlimited. Basically, our mission statement is to protect, preserve, and promote the propagation of the state's most valuable fishery resource, the Northern Pikeminnow. We feel that through education, proper further pollution of local waters by fertilizers, and a general misuse of the land's water resources, this species will continue to thrive in environments that used to be filled with "trash" fish like trout, steelhead, and perhaps other salmonids.

    Ok, enough of that. There are plenty of options for those who are willing to drive a little. I could count at least 20 fishing opportunities (at least 10 of them with trout) within 2 hours' drive. There are literally many places to fish no matter the season or local clime. The only limiting factor: school. But, of course, that is only dependent on the class load you choose, and most of us (I am not on this list) that go to UI and major in some kind of natural resource field can work it so that we only have classes on Tues. and Thurs., and other semesters classes only on M,W,F.

    So, to answer your question, Spey Fishing...see the above posts. Except, there is the possibility of Speying on the Spokane (the big parts) the Columbia, and plenty of places in Idaho where it can be done. In reality, the spey would be the backup to something like a 5wt, unless all you fished was big water. Any more Q's just ask. I read this board all the time.

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    :rofl: That's too funny!:thumb:

    Throwing streamer on a 6/7wt spey rod on the Spokane can be a lot of fun. A Seal Bugger and a Hare's Ear Soft Hackle dropper was my go to set up over the summer. But it's probably not worth the drive from Moscow. :confused:
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    Thanks again for the input.

    with regards to residency.....I still have an Idaho DL, but have lived in WA since Dec 02. At the current time, I dont have an address in either state....Hmmmm

    with regards to the community college - I looked at that as my first option, but with the cost of living in WA, I would need a full time job to live, and GI Bill can cover school. With that set up, work will be the number one priority and school taking second chair which translates into my lazy ass NEVER getting serious about school (kinda like the last 6 years in the service). :confused: I dont want to leave washington by any means, but I cant afford to live here without a decent job...which at the current time I dont have and dont forsee.

    put a little summer money in the bank, and the GI Bill covers school and cost of living back in Podunk Idaho.

    ptyd This Kicks @SS! I dig it.
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    Just curious...where abouts in Idaho are you from?
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    As a U of I alum I am compelled to post a reply in spite of the fact you have enough advice to keep you busy.

    I recommend exploring the Clearwater. I know flyfisherpersons target steelhead in there and "those new spey rods" and their use on the Clearwater were featured in last year's annual steelhead section in the Lewiston Morning Tribune (The Seattle Times or PI do not have entire sections devoted only to steelheading I might add). My brother sends this to me every year to make me homesick. Works.

    Going up the Clearwater you hit miles of trout water - No. Fork (above Dvorshak dam). This is where Kelly Creek is located. One of the first C&R streams in the NW I believe. I would definitely make it over there. There are some posts/reports from last summer on this website. So. Fork, Lochsa (C&R for a good stretch), and Selway. I fished the Lochsa and its tribs last summer - Killed Colt Creek and Warm Springs Creek (lots of good holes once you run into naked people - the hot springs up there are clothing optional).

    I would also definitely hit the Grand Ronde. I never fished it but definitely plan on going back to do just that.

    The Snake would be low on my list. Good bass fishing though. Steelhead are in there but is a bigger, cloudier river. Only 30 more miles to the mouth of the Grand Ronde. Lots of gear fisherpersons around Lewiston in the slack water behing Lower Granite dam and in the Snake and probably Clearwater as well.

    I looked at website and it said 140,000 steelheads crossed the Lower Granite Dam up to a week or two ago - Damn! is right. I think it was Twin River Anglers (or something like that) web site . Fly shop in Lewiston - check out their website for fishing reports. I don't have it but found it via google.

    Clearwater and Snake drainages also host a lot bird hunting if you are intesested in that - Chukars, Huns, Pheasant, etc.

    One thing that is unusual is that they refer to the fish in the Clearwater as A run and B run. I don't remember what it means but thought is was unusual. (summer run, winter run?)

    Good luck,

    Jim Fitzpatrick, Class of 83.