Ultra-Meguh tube Shrimp, apologies to Mattzoid

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Philster, Aug 24, 2007.

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    Well, I was screwing around and decided I would try to simplify Matt Burkes crazy ass shrimp pattern into one that I would actually fish from a time/cost perspective. This is the first attempt and should be considered an approach since I haven't finalized it yet, just wanted to get it to under a ten minute tie. Stopping the clock just to take pictures it was 11:48, and that includes hunting around for materials and backing up twice when I didn't like the simplicity of a couple steps. Laying out materials before hand I have no doubt I could get these down to 5 minutes (bear in mind I have a commercial background).

    So run with it guys! A back hump would be easy enough. I used the eyes I usually use on my squid patterns because I really like them, but extended eyes would be easier actually and alot less smelly (I use goop to glue on eyes... Blech...). personally with the schlappen, I think it has enough movement that the flat back doesn't bother me at all.
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    heres some step by steps
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    more steps
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    I sorta tied it like this, some poetic license from Philster and Matt.[​IMG]
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    Yikes! change the color and you've got a serious flats fly there! It's even a little weedless with the hook in the down position. I'm sure I'll rip it off at some point:cool:
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    Nice lookin' fly, but...

    From some Tarpon guides that I have talked with, every time they see a fish taking an actual shrimp, it is done while the shrimp is swimming forward, not darting away backward, so perhaps a better/more successful shrimp imitation would have the shrimp swimming normally. I have a couple (one taht I tied) that I will try to get pics of before too long.
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    I was thinking of bones, jacks, and permit, not Tarpon when I mentioned flats fishing but
    I'm pretty sure as soon as any reasonably competent shrimp becomes aware of a Tarpon, they start back-scootin' so while I haven't seen a Tarpon eat a shrimp, I'd bet Tarpon have seen shrimp scootin' and are perfectly happy eating shrimp whether they are moving backwards or forward.

    Shrimp jigs definitely have a tail and move head first, but I always considered that was for the fisherman not the fish. You know, we like to buy those rubber tails. Looks like shrimp do in the supermarket.
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    Nice, It looks like a huge fancy scud with tail and hackles etc. I think that is how I would go about tying one of these.
  10. looks like it would be perfect for steelheading over here