Unhappy Russians on the Stilly

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by griz72, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. Uh oh!...I see another “brain rewiring” job in the works here – can hardly wait for this reality to actually occur! You know, that’s when all the “politically correct “do-gooders” and “know-besters” will be in charge of “re-wiring” the brains of the dissenters” – all for the greater good of course!

    Tolerance level exceeded! Puke time again….

    Good job, Gary & Coach!!:thumb:

  2. Wow, this is why I joined the WFF out fit.
    PC or no PC
    We as law abiding fishers like to call a skunk a skunk when we see one and if I were a skunk I would be proud of my stink.
    I know my a bigit and racist, sexist, white male pig, flyfishing fool.
    I also would like to think I'll treat all asshole equally.

    OMJ, sorry you forgot what you were going to say. I'm sure you'll remember as soon as you turn off the computer.

    Sure would like to join Duff on his afternoon bone fishing exp. Tight lines to Duff and to all others also.
  3. No matter what any of us thinks, Coach is still the lucky mofo bonefishing in paradise so lets just hate on him a little for that.
  4. Thank you for calling it in!
  5. I'm not sure but I've never heard the Race card pulled on a statements like:
    "Hey Bob, check out the cans on that russian chick!"
    "Someone tell that russian guy that we found his missing wallet and thermonuclear warhead"
    "Russian Vodka Rocks!"

    Sounds like a double standard to me. Glad to hear the poachers got busted regardless of the size of their cans or tendency to misplace nuclear weapons.

  6. I'm also astounded by all the stereotyping of Russian fisherman. Even Putin is not immune to the callousness.
  7. Before this thing gets locked down I'm gonna share my view on the subject.

    Unhappy Russians...two words, one adjective, one noun. Both are not necessarily "racist". This should be obvious to most. Used in the context of the post both were meaningful to the description of the event. We have a large "Russian" community in the Greater Everett area, where these guys may very well live. I see/meet Russian engineers every day at work and Russian shoppers in Costco. There is a language/cultural difference that is hard to overlook. Does this make it negative to use the Russian connotation? I think not.

    So let's get off the PC Bandwagon and call them what they are...Russian. ( Most likely not all Russian, but from many other former Soviet Block nations too)

    Roper, the English, Welsh, German mutt...
  8. HEY! That is DEFINETLY a RACIST COMMENT, mister! You need to be severely admonished & publicly flagellated by the abundance of "Doer's of Good" and "Punishers of Evil Thoughts & Words" on dis' heah site! Brace yersef, Jose', for you have angered the "Gods of Divine Moral Decency" that reside herein...Heathen, Blasphemer, Violator of Thine own Sacred Precepts, Concepts & Decepts. "May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your tent and cause thousands of little red bumps all over yer plump little body as well as the bodies of all your kinfolk and goats too, etc. etc., so sayeth Allah the Great One! No, no..., the Greatest One!

    Nuh uh! Master Buddha was da greatest one! Was not, Confucious was! Was not, Yaweh was the real King! Ramses the II. Nope, Haysus Christo was da greatest of 'em all....so there!

    May the good lord bless & forgive us all.....including the Russians!

  9. QUOTE=alpinetrout: Yes, Muslin is very dangerous, especially due to its high flammability (being made of cotton and all). I didn't realize it was enjoying a revival in modern-day Detroit. I thought its popularity died out in the early to mid 1800's.

    It appears Putin favors Muslin's cinched tight over his umbilicus, it may be an emerging trend. I for one am taking my money out from under my bed and putting it on the mercantile exchanges for bulk muslin.
  10. Just got back. Hit a big old tailer right in the mouth and blew the shot. Such is big bone hunting. The ability to have an opinion is a right I fought for and I value it, if I agree with you or not. But...... PC is nothing but a veil of evil that hides real racism, deceit and hatreds and gives the temporary illusion of everything is okay. It's chickenshit is what it is. Maybe the bad will go away if we just pretend it isn't there right? No, I am not buying into that. That being said, Bonefish Jack and Richard I do value your opinions. I disagree and still think Richard and Bonefish are full of shit, but I respect their opinions and I am sure will value and learn from them in the near future. Tight lines Duffer
  11. Stupid Crackas
    White Trash
  12. Thanks griz, and thanks Duff. Poachers and PC pusses suck.
  13. PC is BS. Plain and simple BS. I keep hoping for all of the PC crap to run its course and we are able to communicate our thoughts without having to worry about the PC police. Of course me being an old guy who predates PC, I have no qualms in loathing it.
  14. Hell, I'm only 27, and I loathe PC. I hate my brainwashed, bullshit T.V. spoonfed generation. They rationalize 'till the're blue in the face..."oh, it's the result of a hard childhood...", "it's not they're fault..." blah blah blah. Thanks to pop culture and soccer moms, I can't relate to anyone my age. The poachers were busted, they happened to be Russian, so they're Russian poachers. Get over it.
  15. Wheres the photos, this is all heresay so it should be in the PI under the police log.:hmmm:
  16. Being part Spanish, I hate stereotypes. One day as we were enjoying a couple post-fishing beers, one of my buddies asked me to "do something Spanish". I said "eh? what?"

    "come on dude, do something Spanish!"

    "what the hell are you talking about?"

    "I know you're part Spanish so DO SOMETHING SPANISH!"

    So I stabbed him.
  17. :rofl::rofl: Thanks Asshole I just shot beer through my nose !!!!
  18. that'll teach him :beer1:
  19. Were they wearing this?
  20. Thats Bitchin !!!
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