Unhappy Russians on the Stilly

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by griz72, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. Yeh, many years ago I observed several people overfishing at Lenore. I told them to stop and pulled my cell out, letting them know very loudly I was calling the Police.

    They all (maybe 3 generations of them) seemed to understand the word "Police". All of them packed up and left pronto. Since then I have learned that some countries have corrupt Police forces which puts their citizens in fear of the Police. Sad. I still to this day know if they knew they were breaking the law.
  2. Just for the record, it's "Xenophobia" with an "X". fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign.
  3. Mingo... That was some funny shit!!!, Kevin, don't drink and read funny shit at the same time! Ray... funny as well!!! Coach, Gary, Jason and anyone else NOT on the PC wagon, RIGHT ON! WTF are the damn Russians doing fishing in our rivers anyway?? Go the F back to Russia!! Haha... :D I got on here to see what's happening with the Chinook and Silvers and all I've read was this F'd-up thread!! Thanks for the entertainment guys!!


    Tom Smith
  4. Golf Clap ............................

    PS When someone comes in as late in the game as you and corrects a spelling mistake for the second time, (when it was already corrected once) I have to really wonder just how much fun life is for you big fella. Also the definition obviously was not needed as the word was used in the posts in the proper context. Remind me to bring some pliers over to your house soon and help you pull the bug out of your ass. But thanks for the moment of clarity. How about getting out of the house and doing something fun each and every day, for both of us! Love ya and tight lines Duffer
  5. I thought it was "Zenaphobia"-fear of the TV show!! My peeve is the people who come here, and don't make a serious attempt to comprehend the language, then use that as an excuse to get off, like the Vietnamese poacher caught with 78 undersize abalone and a set of scuba tanks in northern CA a few years back. for the Russians in that boat, Zdyes Amerika, Tovarisch; Gavrite pa Angliski pajalsta?
  6. Reminds me of Lee Trevino when he won the US Open about a 100 or so years ago....a dumb-ass reporter asked, "Mr. Trevino are you Mexican or Spanish?" Trevino smiled indulgently and replied, "Well, I USED to be Mexican.......but now that I've won the US Open, I'm Spanish!" Classic.....cracked me up :rofl::rofl:!!


  7. I unfortunately work in the corporate world and we go through diversity training, work in a diverse environment, purchase only from diversity compliant vendors and even have a Director of Procurement Diversity................... being "politically correct" is out of vogue.
  8. A little too much to bother reading all the way through here, but "Russian" isn't a race. Like most US citizens, most Russians seem to be white, but a lot of the former Soviet Union are Arab; I'm not so sure with the current Russian nation.

    It's pretty common, although maybe not so PC, which seems to bother some, to mention race or ethnicity in conjunction with an action of unusual or special merit or demerit, in the case of poaching. It seems to me that race is relevant in these cases because often the people involved are immigrants who still adhere to different cultural and value systems. It's no secret that a lot of Russian immigrants have been observed or busted poaching fish. Similarly certain Asians are frequently observed and busted poaching crabs in Puget Sound. The relevance is that some or many groups of immigrants have an important ways to go in adapting to the natural resource values and laws and regulations of their new home.

  9. So, regardless of quality, pricing, service, and etc. it is more important to make sure a percentage of goods/product/services are purchased from an equal representative sample of the population? :confused:
  10. Originally Posted by Patrick Quinn

    "I unfortunately work in the corporate world and we go through diversity training, work in a diverse environment, purchase only from diversity compliant vendors and even have a Director of Procurement Diversity................... being "politically correct" is out of vogue."

    Well, according to the "very corporate" world that I work in and have the same mindless training you do, "politically correct" is very much IN vogue....and would be unthinkable (the whole point-no thinking permitted!) to be OUT of vogue!:( :ray1:

  11. Damn Coach, I have got to get over there and fish with you!!!!

    If you guys think they're f---in' up the fishing, you should try being a contractor in the Northwest.

    Just remember, while our boys were in Europe and Asia fighting communists and fascists with their BLOOD, they were here taking over our academia and our media. As a consequence, our kids are being taught BULLSHIT PC so that no one will stand up and say anything when they see a poacher, or a communist who wants to be president, because they are afraid of being called a racist.

    You can bet your ass if one of us was in Russia poaching Salmon they would calling us "Arrogant American", and it would a hell of a lot more than a $300.00 ticket. I'm pretty sure "I don't understand Russian" wouldn't go very far. :thumb:
  12. Nicely put.

  13. Gotta love Lee... Still has the best line ever on any topic. He answered the question "what do you do if a lightning storm breaks out when you're golfing?" with the line "hold a one iron over your head, because even God can't hit a one iron":rofl:
  14. Good Stuff!:thumb::beer2::beer2:
  15. Folks, people poach because they're either ignorant or willing to break the law. Most of you who have "contributed" to this thread - with the exception of a few level-headed fellows like Richard - apparently have complete certitude that poaching by a member of some racial or immigrant group is indicative of the moral turpitude of the entire group (the good ol' non-PC view), whereas no such similar connection is ever made (or even conceived) by you about the seventh-generation white guy named Bill Smith who gets caught snagging silvers with his snot-nosed kid on the banks of the Green. If we are to assume (as all you non-PC blowhards are asserting) that Russians/Mexicans/[fill in the blank] are more prone to poach because of some inherent moral weakness of that group (or as Salmo G puts it, ironically, in a more "PC" way - "different cultural and value systems"), please explain to me why the fact that Bill Smith is white and has American ancestry dating back several generations is totally irrelevant to why he poaches. I'm just curious.

    By the way, maybe a subforum should be established for all you guys who are hyperventilating about "political correctness" to go and spew whatever racist, sexist, xenophobic, or other non-PC thought that is on your mind. The common thread here seems to be that life is so damn difficult keeping those sorts of thoughts to yourself, so how about a subforum where you don't have to worry your poor, little, misunderstood heads that you might be subjected to any disapprobation for expressing them? I'll buy the tissues. bawling:
  16. Hey mykiss, the biggest poachers I know are middle-class, suburban-living, blue-collar caucasian folks. I bitch about them the most, because I disagree with their value systems. It's my right to bitch, and there's no excuse for any of the cultural bullshit. But this thread isn't about ol' Bill Smith, now, is it?

    But I'm an equal opportunity asshole, you see, which is more PC than some jackass on the internet who has it out for me because I'm not afraid to excersize my freedom of speech, or swings his socially concious, enlightened dick in the room, accusing me of being a blowhard. Guys like you are more vicious and vindictive and hateful than dumb hicks like me ever will be. You're just as much a blowhard as me, mykiss, and maybe we need a subforum for the sensitivity police so you guys can point out all of the social crimes of "conservative white America", and look all kinds of righteous and sophisticated while standing on your pedestals of political correctness. Good for you, buddy, why don't you watch another Michael Moore documentary? Have a nice evening, by the way, I'm off to tie some flies for Friday!
  17. Any guess what the original post was about??!! I just hope they didn't get out of a ticket because they played the DS Card....Dumb and Stupid. And the fines should double if they try that because one could surmise they are fishing illegally ALL of the time. Just call them Eastern Europeans, unless of course that is too PC or Racist!
  18. In all my years of perusing fly fishing bulletin boards, the outcome to these types of threads is always the same. Malcontent bitterness, voices of reason, jokers, numerous responses, etc. Not sure what it is about race that makes people so damn vocal and behave like children. There must be some psychological trigger that sets people off. Some behavior that in the past kept those that were passionate about race alive and further nutured their mating opportunities. I think someone posted some reference to dangling genitals in a previous post.... Whatever it is, it always seems to cause the same Pavlovian response. Oh the irony, if the Russian fisherman's last name was Pavlov ... and he was using a reel made in China!!!
  19. Don't label me ZEENOFOBIK :) or anything, but ...I remember combat fishing at the Hoodsport hatchery one evening (when it was legal) and a bunch of Russians got busted by enforcement for filling their trunk with snagged fish... first thing they pretended not to be able to speak English, second they claimed not to know the rules. THEY were using their ethnicity and "differentness" as an excuse for their unlawful behavior...the racism sword cuts in all directions...
    Enforcement officer said he'd busted them before doing the same thing at the same place, if I remember correctly he said he'd caught them TWICE before...
    and like I said before, no matter who they are or where they're from, poachers should leave the river wearing handcuffs. and these guys did.
    re: all you guys busting on The Coach...pls note following...http://www.illwillpress.com/ I'll let Foamy do my talking for me.
  20. I think you are right about a trigger.

    My guess is the trigger is a deep and dark history of slavery and racism in America. We like think to we have moved on but it haunts to this day IMO.

    I have talked to many people from other parts of the world who mention how skin color is a huge deal in the USA and they can feel it. They say it is nothing like that where they are from. And they say this in a town like Bellingham which is supposed to be liberal and multi-cultural.
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