Unhappy Russians on the Stilly

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by griz72, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. constructeur Active Member

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    Eh? Is this a special school program you guys have down there in Vantucky or?

    ..btw nice work, I especially like your efforts in the Kitchen.
  2. Mark Moore Just a Member

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    Damn I hate it when I miss a joke. Makes me feel stupid as hell. Sorry Chad. I wasn't nearly as mad about the post as the article.
  3. Richard Torres Active Member

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    I'd have more satisfaction from the look on thier faces if they had to watch someone turn their gear into pulp with their vehicle!
  4. Mark Moore Just a Member

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    Kids is a pejorative term I use occasionally to describe college students.

    Thanks for the compliment, unreal house, sits about 60 feet from the Columbia right in front of a big ol' salmon hole.
  5. SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

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    hey, I like that one Richard! I get a good visual thinking about it....snagger captured, hands in zipties, enforcement calls all the fishermen roud to witness the Sheriff's SUV backing over the snagger's gear repeatedly, right at the boat launch.:beer2:
    Poetic justice.
  6. jumbo215 Jasper hickman

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    This story brings back memories-

    I grew up in Kalama and spent many afternoons catching squaw fish on the columbia, one afternoon when we got back to the marina we were greated by a crowd watching a group of russians dancing around a 9' sturgon.

    they quit dancing shortly after the wardon showed up
  7. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    To heck with all the PC BS. Call it like you see it. My observations have been that many of our newest arrivals are blatently disregarding regulations. I won't go into details on what we've seen on the Puyallup and Carbon the past few years, but rest assured it's butt ugly:mad:

    What pisses me off even more is when you confront them in a civil manner, attempting to let them know you know and that its not right, and they either ignore you or get hostile. Glad to hear more reports that our law enforcement agents are out and about, kickin ass and takin names.:thumb:
  8. RogueRiverBrat New Member

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    By silvers you mean coho? Those are covered by the ESA, no? I think they could get jail time for that! And a fine many times larger than $300.
  9. DaMurph Member

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    Right On!!! You said it! Enough of the PC BS! If you want to engage in any sportsman activity in Washington state (or any other state) you MUST know the rules, period!! I don't care if your boat just came into a U.S. harbor that morning. Know your shit, don't fish or go home!!! Three options is 2 more than you had in the "mother land"!!! :mad:
  10. Split Bamboo Member

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    OK Brat, you made it on to my sh*t list for you stupid attack on OMJ. Now you just confirmed my opinion of you.

    First, you are responding to a thread that is a year old.

    Second, you ripped OMJ for being mistaken regarding an emergency rule, but you are mistaken when it comes to ESA. No, they are not covered on the Stilly.


    Do you need any help opening your mouth so you can insert your foot?

    A sincere apology for you prior outburst might help to regain some credibility here...maybe.
  11. cutthroatking screw work lets fish

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    I'm with you Split, he's nothing but a shit talking trouble maker.
    Hey,Brat go some where else to barf your bullshit

  12. J.A. Smith New Member

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    You fellas get heated back home. I'm originally from the other side of the mountains. Oh, we have poachers here in MO also, using bait in blue ribbon areas, snagging etc. We are lucky to even have game wardens show up. We refer to the law-brekers as 'rednecks' or 'hillbillies,' or, more accurately, 'poachers.'
  13. koolminx Member

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    I think that this was a GREAT read until page 7 and a half.

    Don't ANY of you remember the 70's or 60's or 80's when America Was AMERICA? When we were taught that your country is NOT your race... Russia was filled with Russians, Africa was filled with Africans, And so on and so forth?

    Ever hear a Black French man say he's French African? Holy shit no! Ever hear of a man from Chile or Ecuador calling himself IRISH?

    I have a good friend who's British, born and raised, he calls himself English and British, he's also the darkest of Mexican skin I ever heard of. His parents came from Mexico City Mexico before he was born, but he's NOT a Mexican to the people he lives with... He's a Brit! Simple. Why can't people adopt some of the commonalities of the country they live in, and drop this Hyphenated bullshit?

    Being a Nationalist in my view is admiring ones OWN country over all others. I love America and Americans, I don't love Russians, or Africans, or Saudi's or U. A. E.'s or the French.... But that does NOT make me racist does it?

    The poachers were Russian, what's so damn racist about that? Where is this racial anger you others are trying to emphasize?

    I hate you all equally but not because of this post. I hate you because of your colors. I hate all people of color. White, brown, red, yellow, black, tan, jaundice, whatever you can come up with I can hate it....

    The amount of sniveling about racist this and racist that is really getting boring....

  14. ribka Active Member

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    Good for you for reporting the incident and describing the poachers.

    Here is another opinion from Vantucky for you Seattle folks

    I spent quite a few years working in Russia and the FSU. While working there I fished and hunted all around the FSU. Fishing and hunting was very expensive and restrictive for foreigners. I remember fishing the Kola Region for salmon and had to buy a four hour license and I think it was around $30 for 4 hours of fishing if the local zapavednik (game officer) decided to sell a license. It usually took a crate of vodka to warm him up to me before he would sell me a license. Then there were all of the bribes ( vzyatki) required for road, vehicle, gear etc. Meanwhile the locals were netting the river for salmon. This was illegal of course. I saw examples of rampant poaching all over the FSU.

    I know Russia language, history and culture fairly well and can say poaching is a big part of Russian culture/mentality. Don't know if it is because of communism or socialism but people do not like to share with other people. If they see someone with nicer crap than they have they are jealous ( zavist) It runs against human nature. It created "I want to get my shit before you get yours". If I can get my shit and get yours too( poach our fish/game) all the better for me. So if these Russians see a river full of salmon and a lot of people next to the river, they want to catch all of the salmon they can before the next guy. A lot of Russians, not all mind you, carry this attitude when they immigrate to other countries.

    I remember catching salmon on a fly rod in Russia in 1987. i was the only fisherman for miles. Two Russians came to the river and saw me catching fish. They both stood next to me, touching my shoulders, and commenced fishing. It wasn't an intimidation thing, they just wanted to catch my fish. Just part of their culture.
  15. ribka Active Member

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    And next time you see a poacher look deeply in their eyes and show them that you care understand their ignorance and cultural and language boundaries, cry a little and give them a big hug. Works for me every time

    No need to get Johnny law involved. How about some tolerance here on WFF!!!
  16. Trent Ugly member

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    I think we as Americans need to learn to celebrate our own culture. All these folks moving here from out of country need to take a lesson in diversity and acceptance. From my understanding Americans have a reputation around the world for being loud, confrontational, rude at times, insensitive (hard to believe if you go to a Seattle art show), and cowboyish. It is time to reach down deep and welcome your own culture into yourself instead of shunning it all the time. Be proud of who you are next time you encounter a poacher from out of country and introduce them to some good old American values. Let them learn to accept and tolerate diversity.
  17. steelydan Newb seeking wisdom

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    Trent, if I knew you better, I'd know whether to take this literally or sarcastically.
    I totally agree with 'introducing them to some American values'
  18. garyk New Member

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    Anyone who's knocked around the Northwest outdoors knows fully well Russian immigrants are over-represented in the realm of poaching.

    From netting spawning Browns on Wickiup Reservoir in Central Oregon, to gillnetting sturgeon on the Multnomah Channel of the Willamette River to, to the nets strung across the tributaries of the Molalla for steelhead in the areas near the communities of the "Old Believers".

    The list goes on and on.

    I don't know why this is...but it is, and the OSP violation reports prove the point.
  19. Lugan Joe Streamer

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    In my 20's I lived in Denmark for a year and Poland for almost 2 years. I took great pains to learn how to live in those places under the rule "When in Rome do as the Romans". I obeyed their laws, I learned their culture, and I even learned their languages. In fact, I'm still a pretty good Polish speaker. As a result, I got along fine in both those countries. People would compliment me regularly about how hard I tried to assimilate, and that smoothed life for me in both countries.

    On top of that, both my parents were immigrants who fled the Soviet Union (specifically Lithuania) in 1944. Both families took great pains to learn the culture, laws, language etc. of their new home, the United States. They became model American citizens.

    Because of my cross-cultural assimilation experiences, I have very very little sympathy for the kind of stuff I see in our country, as referenced by this thread and many other anecdotes. I simply expect visitors and immigrants to behave as I did when I lived abroad, and how my family did when they moved to the US: When in America, do as the Americans. Or at least give it a f---ing effort to the best of your ability. And for the love of god, never ever knowingly skirt the law.
  20. Salmo_g Active Member

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    TFF! Mingo, I think you made a mistake. Wasn't that doing something "Mexican?" I could be wrong tho. I'm not really up on ethnicity, being a honkie 'merican and all.
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