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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Trevor, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. I'm going a little stir crazy today. With all the guys heading out to fishin' party, I'm missing all the reading material that usually updates itself regularly. I think I'm developing and addiction to this forum. Anyway, I was digging through the archives and found a thread where Surf Candy mentioned saving the artificial spider web material after Halloween and it go me thinking...

    Two years ago, I was tying up clousers for Coho in the salt and ran out of white bucktail. My dog was conspiculously close and I got to notice how bushy the white tip on his tail was... *whistle* "Come 'er, Jake." :thumb: It ended up being a little softer than the bucktail and tied in nice (and, more importantly, ended up catching a salmon.) I've since used it frequently for my late summer clousers. Now ole Jake gives me a forlorn look everytime I sit down at my bench. :0)

    What materials have you used to tie flies that aren't available in your local fly shop?

  2. Trevor
    Wait to KerryS see's this thread, his dog is missing some hair too!
  3. I don't know about unique, but I have an orange and white cat that likes to be brushed. The hair dubs very nicely and is really tough. Dryer lint also makes pretty good dubbing, depending on what you run throught the dryer at the time.

  4. Well, not unique. But it's that time of year again. Xmas is coming. Time to hit the Walmarts and head to the tinsel section. Wait until AFTER xmas. You can buy HUGE hanks of silver tinsel for about $0.50 a box (would be about $10 worth of stuff). I think I have a lifetime supply of it. LOL.

    But, have used the dogs hair (my lab has awesome black bear substitute hair). My biggest desire, but can't have (without dying LITERALLY) is the main and tail off my girlfriends appy/mix horse. He has some sort of cold weather breed in him. He has a PERFECT substitute for polar bear. I was able to attain a couple pieces that she got out of her brush. Side by side, couldn't tell the difference over what I have left of my legal PB. Now, if I could only harvest it without her killing me. Would take me a YEAR to harvest enough from brushings just to make one wing. LOL.
  5. Horses and dogs and cats are all good stuff. My own hair is greasy and tough. Very good for dry flies.

    Bob, the Hey, I' m not that greasy! :eek:
  6. I have a wire haired Jack Russel (a.k.a. Potpie) who regularly "donates" hair for flies when I feel like tying something with a different material than calf or buck tail...And an added bonus, I get white, brown, and black hair.


    BTW I would love to add chocolate lab fur to the mix someday.
  7. I have a chocolate lab named Zody. Yes, she donates. But I don't use scissors. I just empty the vacum cleaner and I have all I want. She thinks I'm king of the world and I think she is the queen. Sometimes we just stare at each other, hearts bursting with love.

    Bob, the Ain't nothin' like a good dog! iagree
  8. Bob,
    I guess you and I are about the only ones who could not make it to the Cow Party! I would love to meet/fish with you some day. I always enjoy and learn from your writings and experiences. If you are ever out on Vashon Is. give me a call I am in the book and maybe we can wet a line or a glass :beer2: My wife I am sure would love to have you stay for dinner...If you can tolerate Maxwell (3) and Gordon Thomas (5 months today)


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