Unwanted time off, make the best of it

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JasonG, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Things are a bit slow for my shop right now so Im sitting at home for a little bit. I figured make the best of it and GO Fishing! I have not fly fished in the winter yet. I was thinking of heading to the upper Yak and trying it out. Any advice on what flies throw out there? Thanks Jason P.s I would try the canyon but its a little hard on the gas budget.
  2. might try an ice cube fly.

  3. Call Red's...http://www.redsflyshop.com they may have some advice, and intel. While you're at it thank them for sponsoring this forum :)
  4. I would almost try the upper snoq instead of the Yak right now mostly for the sake of not freezing

  5. Yeah. It's 6 in Cle Elum.
  6. Fish the salt...has to be damn cold around here before saltwater will freeze up on your guides.
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  7. If you feel the itch to go to the Yak and nothing else will satisfy it, then throw midges and streamers.
  8. The Yak is probably frozen, especially up there. Everytime I've fished it in the winter the fishing was slow, but there are big fish to be found, especially if you like fishing big streamers slowly . I'd wait for a significant warming trend to get those fish moving and more eager to eat. The fishing always seems better in the late spring, summer and fall up there instead of the winter. The fish just don't seem to be around much up there in the dead of winter. The canyon has always treated me better during the cold season.
  9. By upper snoqualmie you mean the Middle fork? Im not set on the Yak I just want to fish.
  10. South fork is open too, correct me if I'm wrong. Should be nice flows right now.
  11. I heard it's pretty hard fishing on the forks this time of year?
  12. The Yakima in town here has ice flowing, not sure about the canyon. It's darn cold and getting colder with wind. Good luck!
  13. Well, maybe I need a new plan!
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  14. fish Beaver or Rattlesnake - while they may be slow, they will be close to home for you
  15. You think I could fish from shore?
  16. I think any where is gonna be tough when its this cold.
  17. If you hit the lakes suggest fishing the drop off ledges and deep water.
    Rattlesnakes' west shore drops off quick, though not sure about lake levels this time of year in terms of shore access. For me, out deeper is where the fish will be lulling around this time of year.
    If you're willing to travel, the salt would be my choice right now. Pick a high, incoming tide.
  18. I agree with steeli. Rattlesnake if not iced up would be best from a boat.
  19. I tied flies today while staring out at the whitecaps on Lake Roosevelt. It was sunny but cold, the wind making it around -10. Though I have fished many times in such conditions, and I'm sure I will again in the future, I didn't have the slightest urge to venture outside today, even though I was aware that they'd just thrown a bunch of 5-6 pound stockers in yesterday.
    Instead, I opted for a nap when I tired of tying streamers and midges. Listening to the icy wind howl was much more comfortable from my couch.
  20. I might give rattlesnake a try. I haven't don't much still water any suggestions on what to use? I do have a full sink line.

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