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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jake L, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. My GL3 is a 9 footer, 6 wt and the Outbound 6 wt I’ve been using this year doesn’t seem to get the distance the SA S Express gets me – course I’m old, new, dumb & clueless and have no idea what the hell I’m doing – just going with the talk on the forum ‘cuz I don’t know any better….sighhh!:confused:

    The long 37.5 head on the OB seems “clumsy” to me and ends up biting the beach on the backcast or chalking up the “tailing loops” on the forward cast. Even though I know that tailing loops are caused by either too much or too early on the haul or power snap on the forward cast – it’s a very hard habit to break, dang-it! And biting the beach is a function of stopping the backcast higher, doh! :hmmm: The price you pay for lack of expert instruction in the beginning, I thimk….!:(:(

    Anyhow, I like the GL3 and will continue experimenting with lines AND timing until I get it right, I reckon!:thumb:

  2. Which Streamer Express configuration and weight? Which tip Outbound?
  3. JC,
    A 9' 6 wt GL3 is an excellent beach rod. I caught many silvers on mine until it finally met it's demise.
  4. Richard:

    My OB 6 wt is intermediate tip - 37.5' head.

    Streamer Express is 300 grain intermediate - says 8-9 wt on box - 30' head.

    Thinkin' 300 gr. may be too much for the 6wt...??? The 250 gr. 7-8 wt could be better match, huh? :confused:

  5. Oh no.....Demise? :eek: Care to talk about it? bawling:

    What were/are your favorite intermediate & floating lines?

    JC....:confused:...as usual:beathead::beathead:!
  6. On the demise.... it was a 4-pc. For some reason, that particular rod never stayed together in the middle ferrule. It always can loose. It snapped once and I had it repaired. Broke it again last year landing a nice silver, again at the middle ferrule. No high sticking involved. Loomis doesn't make a 4 pc GL3 6 wt any more, only a two piece. I opted for a Metolius Streamdance 4 pc 6 wt. Wish now I'd gotten the 2 pc GL3.

    I always just fished my Airflo multi-tip with the type III head on that rod. Never really needed anything more. I caught well over a 100 silvers on that stick, but all good things must come to an end :)
  7. Yeah, wish they would still make that rod in four piece....I guess same could be said for the GLX classic.
  8. I'll be doing this when one of my GLX classics meets it's demise bawling::D
  9. Now isn't that odd? I've noticed in the short time I've had my GL3 6wt 4 piece that the first and second ferrules seem to work loose and Saturday at the Narrows it actually seperated at the second ferrule after about 2 hours of casting! :eek: :(

    Having noticed this tendency to work loose on previous occasions I kinda got in the habit of checking ferrules and alignment throughout a day of fishing and had already checked & tightned the first ferrule about an hour earlier when to my complete amazement, I found myself tangled in line as I was making a forward cast that just didn't "feel" right, you know - the rod didn't "load" at the end of the backcast (?)!:confused:

    First thing I did of course was look around to see if anybody saw another of my embarrassing Faux Pas :eek: and then began to extricate myself from the tangle of line still puzzling over the weird feeling of no load as I started my forward cast - then I saw the rod in two distinct pieces with the top half dangling from the line while the bottom half was still connected to my hand!!:eek:

    I couldn't easily back out of the water due to all the line being tangled around me and my legs, arms etc. but finally managed to get it all back together, rechecked all the ferrules and fished for another hour or so with no further incidents. In the afternoon I switched to the 300 gr SA S Express line and thoroughly checked all the ferrules every 8-10 casts and only had to tighten the first ferrule after about 30 casts.

    I don't know if this is endemic to the GL3, 4 peice series or not as I haven't read any other complaints on this problem. I will however be much more cautious/regular in checking ferrule connections!:beathead:

    I don't have any of the multi-tip lines yet....but maybe in the future?

    JC :)
  10. I used to think that was just a Scott rod thing (mine always came apart) until my Loomis started doing the same thing at the Sound. A little wax on the ferrules and the problem is solved. I still check the connections out of habit, but it remains secure with the wax.
  11. I have a 250 on my TCR 6 weight, and the TCR handles it with noooo problem. I could probably put a 10 weight on that TCR and it would cast it . . . The 250 would probably load your GL3 nicely.

    I'm not sure where you're located, but I'm up in the north Seattle area and you're welcome to try my line on your rod to decide on which line to spend your $60.
  12. Interesting! The fella I bought the rod from said that's all he ever used - wax on the male ferrules and since I've only used the rod maybe 8-10 times I figured it didn't need anymore wax for awhile....maybe it's "awhile" time now, eh? (Hmmm....wonder if they have any "banana scented" wax?:rofl::rofl:)

    If I can't locate my emergency candles somewhere (easy), I guess I'll hafta' buy one.:rolleyes:

    Thanks for the advice, Riseform :thumb:!

    JC :)
  13. Posted by Richard:

    Well, from what I've read here in the forum, your TCR would, as you say, "probably cast a 10 wt!" Not sure if my GL3 would tho....don't think I'll try!:clown:

    Richard, that is exceedingly generous of you...I'm just completely gabberfla...., er..., flabbergasted (see?)....jeeez, I'm thinkin', I'm thinkin'..., uhm..., are you a full-time "worker-bee" or are you available pretty much anytime - when yer not actually fishin' of course? I live on East Hill, Kent.
    With your permission I could PM you my cell phone number and/or work number - I still work (groan) but get 3 days a week off...details in PM if you agree!

    Thanks again :thumb:!

  14. I overline the GL3 by two for casting a shooting head.

    Probably going to have some people attempt to fry me for saying that, but they don't cast my rods. I make them perform for myself and the average person that I guide for. Not them, obviously.
  15. Why banana wax, if you ain't catching fish, use some bananas. I bet those ferrules will be nice and firmly seated. Then when you catch some fish you can be a part of the "we don't believe in that silly banana superstition" group.

  16. Why do you expect to be fried? Uplining by two line weights is fairly typical . . . .
  17. I think it is, but you know how it goes around here sometimes when people have differing opinions. :)
  18. Everybody knows opinions are like bung holios, some are just better maintained than others, you all know the saying. Besides, everyone casts differently, right? Same setup in differnet hands often yeild much different results.
  19. Thanks, Mumbles but just a tad late on that advice -- I'm actually a "Charter Member" and CEO, CIO, CFO, BES (Banana Eater Supreme) as well as, President, Vice-President (President of Vice 'n Stuff), Prime Minister of BS, Chaplin & Martyr Extraordinaire of this great & fine organization...SBS :rolleyes:

    JC :)
  20. JC, you should not have admitted to eating bananas here, now everyone will tout your lack of fishing due to their preceived superstitions and rule out any other variables.

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