Upcoming tides preview of rising sea levels?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jonathan Stumpf, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. for you who believe that this is an earth 'cycle', you must then ask yourself the question regarding just why things are changing at the current rate. sure its absolutely true that we had multiple ice age events. yes, its true our planet continues to shape and re-shape itself. however, the geology of this planet is hundreds of thousands of years old. what we are seeing regarding climate change right now is taking place in your and my lifetime, that is unprecidented. the obvious conclusion must be that 'something' is causing or contributing to this rapid acceleration in climate change. you can pick your favorite target, but denying that this change is in accelerated mode is simply putting your head in the sand.

    the oil and gas industries have fought a pitched battle for decades to obscure the facts in all of this. just as they kaboshed any research into vehicles that are way more efficient, they are putting out one false story after another trying to raise doubt regarding climate change. why? money is why, they have all they need right now and as corporate greed goes, these guys wrote the book.

    embracing climate change as a reality will and can lead to the energy breakthroughs that would temper this global problem. other countries have already stepped up on their own behalfs and done just that. we remain the only first level player who refuses to move pass the lobyists and actually look toward our collective future. time to start asking your elected officials just why they can't deliver on clean, sustainable energy. of couse these are the same bozos who can't provide affordable health care either.

    i guess your young folks with small children are doomed..............
  2. Really!?! This is your source???? Just kidding... Although the obvious thing to do would be to attack your source as being one of the single most slanted news affiliates in the country, MSNBC being just as bad to the opposing side of the spectrum, that's not what I'm going to do. However, this guy is forgetting about a little something we call El Nino. Which so far the trends in weather and climate we've seen are exactly what was predicted would be the case during an El Nino year. "For the contiguous United States, potential El NiƱo impacts include above-average precipitation for the southern tier of the country, with below-average precipitation in the Pacific Northwest and in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. Below-average snowfall and above-average temperatures are most likely across the northern tier of states (excluding New England), while below-average temperatures are favored for the south-central and southeastern states." http://www.cpc.noaa.gov/products/analysis_monitoring/enso_advisory/ensodisc.html
  3. No matter what science you believe you have to admit its kinda funny that a global warming "expert" is predicting a 30 year mini ice age.
  4. salty fly, think CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!! that means it could be hotter or colder depending on where in the world you happen to live. and i don't find anything funny about this notion or the potential consequences.
  5. Thanks for responding gt. By screaming climate change you made my point better than I ever could have. But don't confuse my finding humor and irony in this example with caring any less than you do about the political decisions surrounding this issue.
  6. The only reason "CLIMATE CHANGE" became the new buzzword is that "GLOBAL WARMING" wasn't working out so well for them in areas where average temps were dropping and glaciers were not shrinking, and they needed a way to try and pull the wool over the eyes of those that weren't so readily drinking the Kool-Aid. I believe our earth changes constantly, and learned very well in my geology studies that we are very insignificant in the time line of this planet. Our time here is but a blink of an eye, and these so-called experts want us to believe we have drastically changed the climate in the span of time since the industrial revolution. This is just a way to justify more regulation and taxes, and like most government programs, in the end, it will become a huge mess that we will have to bail out with more taxes and regulation, all paid for by you and me. When the world leaders start driving hybrids and riding public transportation every day, and when they hold third world countries to the same standards as us, I will start to believe they're serious. Walk the Walk, then talk to me about what I should be sacrificing. We regulated industry here so strictly, that they moved their operations to other countries, where the polluted air just comes here via the jetstream, so all we really did was chase away the jobs, and sent the "pollution" to someone else to deal with for the time being, great planning.
  7. I must have got the entire batch of kool-aid because I
    recycle, reuse, save gas, cut back on energy use, and try
    to do what is best for my enviroment....the earth.

    I could be like trdigger and wait till someone else makes
    the first move (sacrifice) but being proactive seems like
    a better way to go. Will my baby steps help? I don't know
    for sure but I do know that there is nothing wrong with
    doing the right thing.

  8. Yeah, and Fox News is a real unbiased source. Nice try.
  9. I do recycle, I compost, I conserve gas and electricity, I heat with wood, recycle rainwater,and eat wild game and small farm cattle and pork. I just don't believe we have destroyed our climate in the last few generations like the alarmists would have you believe, I don't believe that the world will be under water in 30 years, I don't believe we are going to stop the climate from changing, and I don't think the idiots at the global summit have anything but the furthering of their own agendas on their mind. They do not walk the walk, so how can they speak for the rest of the world.
  10. That's quite unfortunate you think that way.... hmmmm, but what do I know, I'm just an old fart that grew up seeing great salmon fishing (as an example of what man can fuck up!) in the Hood Canal go down the tube because of attitudes like yours. Too bad pal. Man has had a major significant impact on the earth in our SHORT time!
  11. See, that's a different issue, nice redirect. I think man is responsible for the shape of our native fish runs, to a large extent. We have over fished, both commercially and sport, failed to control marine mammal predation at places like the Ballard Locks, placed dams on the rivers to supply our power needs, logged too close to stream corridors, created too much silt from development, and let tribal netting go hog wild. But that does not mean we have drastically changed the climate of the whole planet, seperate issues Larry, but I know how the left likes to be as dismal as possible to further their agenda. Let's talk about success stories like wetlands preservation and waterfowl recovery to unheard of levels, I suppose those are signs of our destruction of the planet as well. Let's try to stay on subject, the changing of the whole planet's climate and the coming 30 year ice age.......or is it the melting of the polar ice cap, I can't remember which it is this month.
  12. What exactly are you basing your opinion off of? PLease provide links to scientific data if possible.
  13. This thread is getting really old. Go fishing.
  14. My hero in all of this is big wolly. He lit the fuse and just stood back to watch the fireworks. I am currently drinking a beer in his honor and planning to hit the schoolie black mouth tomorrow.
  15. Here's a few articles to stir the pot, now I'm gonna take Dimebrite's advice and go fishing before the ocean is lapping at my doorstep in Graham. But come to think of it, the tide should run pretty well through the low spot on the back half of my property,which is the headwaters of Muck Creek, making great SRC habitat.......hmmmmmmmmm

    Oh, by the way, not one of these is from Fox News, sorry.

    http://www.dailytech.com/Survey Les...Endorse Global Warming Theory/article8641.htm
  16. With record low temperatures gripping the world climate scientists are working overtime to prove global cooling is caused by global warming......
  17. Monday, Jun. 24, 1974
    Another Ice Age? -TIME - Really!?!
  18. Just threw that in there to remind everyone, the last generation, these same scientists were pounding us about the coming ice age, oops.
  19. Google Professor Mojib Latif. He is considered one of the worlds leading climate modelers and is the person predicting the mini ice age. In his own words" if my name was not Mojib Latif it would be Global Warming." His only concern is that people will try and say that the 30 year cooling cycle means no global warming. He does not use the term CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!, to him it is all global warming. It looks like too many people educated beyond their intelligence.

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