Update on pinks please?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Mark Buick, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. cuponoodle breakfast

    cuponoodle breakfast Active Member

    I wouldn't call that going strong when it comes to humpy fishing. That's slow.
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  2. PatrickH

    PatrickH Active Member

    Using gear.
  3. PT

    PT Physhicist

    Can't tell from the pic where you were fishing. You mind sharing exactly where that fish was caught? I don't get up that way often but sure would like to know where you found decent access.

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  4. PatrickH

    PatrickH Active Member

    South end of the I-5 collapsed bridge in Mount Vernon. It's on the Rocks though.


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  5. PatrickH

    PatrickH Active Member

    Here is a picture I took yesterday while catching my fish. These are the types of rocks you will be standing on.


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  6. plecoptera419

    plecoptera419 Member

    One...on a Crazy Charlie on the Skagit tonight. I've been hitting 8-1 since it opened. No fish.
  7. PT

    PT Physhicist

    Nice pics PatrickH.
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  8. skyrise

    skyrise Active Member

    one yesterday, and one today at the lower snohomish. short burts of 30-45 minutes with fair numbers of fish caught. then it goes dead. much slower than 2 years ago.
  9. PatrickH

    PatrickH Active Member

    I was at Langus Park today for a couple hours just to get rid of some sand shrimp I had left over. There was people all along the bank and a few on the dock and I didn't see 1 fish caught and neither had anyone else I asked. Except for 1 guy said he seen someone catch a silver earlier in the day. I wasn't even seeing more then a couple jumps the whole time I was there. I was fishing with Sand shrimp, Power Eggs and Marabou jig and I got nothing but grass on my line..
  10. triploidjunkie

    triploidjunkie Active Member

    Dude.... you do know this is a flyfishing site? Not trying to be a snobby elitist, but damn......
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  11. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    This is a fly fishing site. Not a fishing with gear site. If you aren't fishing the way we all are. Why are you here??
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  12. KerryS

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    Nice picture.
  13. Jim Paget

    Jim Paget Active Member

    I talked with a guide (for Chinook) who works out of Anacortes. He said that there is a huge school of pinks just hanging at Salmon Bank waiting to move up river.
  14. tinman207

    tinman207 Active Member

    We're getting limits for 4 guys within 3-4 hours the past three days. I have room for two more in the boat tomorrow morning ...meeting at the Tulalip Cabelas at 0800. Just pm me....just fly no gear please.
  15. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    I actually noticed a few fly fishermen on the Puyallup the last few days going to work. So if any of them are you I'll give you gold (since you were doing it wrong lol). On the lower Puyallup the fish primarily are within 10' of either bank.. Fish the incoming tide and keep your lure as close to bank as you can get. Be careful, a lot of brush at the bank and in the water.
  16. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    My buddy and I limited in area 9 yesterday. Huge schools making their way through. Didn't get anything on the smaller side of things. Even picked up this beast at the bottom. WP_20130824_002.jpg
  17. Gregg Lundgren

    Gregg Lundgren Now fishing on weekdays too!

    Wow! What a pig. That fish had been eating well! Notice how most of the sea lice accumulate down near their vent hole. Maybe they have evolved to take advantage of fluid dynamics; or perhaps there, they are an itch that can't be scratched!;)
  18. golfman44

    golfman44 Coho Queen

    Old Man he came here to get GPS locations on fishing spots. If you recall, this is the guy who called you an asshole after you gave him driving directions to fishing spots on the Sno.

    His girlfriend, which is the one he was trying to impress, is probably into using gear ;)
  19. PatrickH

    PatrickH Active Member

    Why would I call someone a asshole for giving me directions? As I said so many times in the thread explaining myself that everyone seems to fail to read. I called him a asshole for his comment he said to me after giving me direction asking if I need someone to hold my hand. I would have just said thank you and that I would check it out, but then I read that.. To me that extremely disrespectful and to some people in real life, that can start a fight talking to someone like that. He got a response from his rude comment, and instead of everyone understanding that, everyone just feeds off everyone's responses and failing to comprehend my explanation as to why, and then I have to explain myself to the other people that have to throw in what they want to says for their purpose of a online bonding session with the regulars.. Watch what you say to other people and maybe next time you wont get a response back that you don't like. I even got private messages from people on my side about what happen in that thread, but they wont post in open for whatever reason.

    Anyway.. I posted in this thread because it was asking for a update on Pinks. I mentioned my location because the flow of pinks is very good at the spot that I went fishing. I wasn't telling anyone to go use bait or gear, but I mentioned I did so you wouldn't think they where biting on flies at my location. Go down the river a half mile and fly fish. But of course, someone just can't resist themselves and has to post a rude comment towards me. Talk to people like if you want a punch in the face..

    I sold all my fishing gear 2 years ago just to buy fly fishing gear because I was done with gear fishing. But now, my girlfriend wants to fish and us fish together and using gear is easier for her and she wants to catch fish. I just recently had to buy all new gear so we can fish.
    I'm still learning how to fly fish and haven't perfected my casting yet. Me and my girlfriend don't want to go out and be around a bunch of other people fly fishing and not knowing how to cast properly. I don't want to look like a fool on the river and I don't want to be in peoples way when I don't fully know what I am doing since I am still learning.
    The places I want to fly fish are 45 minutes away. The places me a my girlfriend gear fish are 20+ minutes away. There is a time and a place for both, but my last fishing trip was gear fishing and I gave a update on what I seen when I was there. Is there really that much of a problem with that?
  20. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Whoopee Do.