Upland in WA

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    Didn't know that! My subscription to Shooting Sportsman expired an I haven't renewed yet. It's a very good Mag, especially if you like decent double guns. I'm contrasting that with Double Gun Journal where the cheapies start at $60,000!!
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    Great article, Marty! Great pictures as well.
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    Good article and well done magazine! Thanks!
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    Thanks for posting this Marty! Great article and a very nice magazine. Nice to have online access to it. Rick
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    Marty, very nice article, but in April? That makes September feel a long ways away...

    I see Roxie has a playmate...he'll keep her on her toes for sure.
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    Thanks Roper. Roxie qualified for the nationals in the series that we run. Joker is just a joker right now, but he is in some respects better than Roxie. It will be cool to watch him develop.
  8. Alex MacDonald

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    you know guys, with this cool, wet weather, I'm thinking we'll have a repeat of the dismal grouse season here. We got snow again last night in blue grouse country.
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    The entire West is likely to see poor nesting conditions.
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    Marty - Very nice read...last year I convinced my wife to tag along on the upland opener with the 'carrot' being a visit to wineries and fruit stands along the way. Saw more quail at the wineries than while hunting! :beathead: