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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by mbb1996, Jun 23, 2002.

  1. mbb1996

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    Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to flyfishing for steelhead and was wondering if there's decent fly water below the Reiter area that can be accessed by car/foot. Before I make the trek out there, just wanted to check with you all. Thanks!
  2. Whitey

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    You hit the nail right on the head. The best fly water on the sky is below reiter and above sulton. I'd try high bridge just below reiter. I floated the sky on tuesday from sulton to ben howard. It was way high, but I needed to get out on some water. Good luck, let us know how it was. :THUMBSUP YT
  3. Nailknot

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    Walk in access is tough when the water is high between the high bridge and Sultan- but I'm sure there are a few spots I don't know about. :HMMM

    The Wallace is also open, below the railroad bridge to the mouth, for Steelhead. It's easy wading when the water comes down a bit. Don't be tempted to fish above or under Hwy 2 or even under the railroad bridge, those waters are closed and enforced.
  4. mbb1996

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Just got back from an evening trip out to the Sky. I drove up to the High Bridge area to check it out. I got on the water at about 7pm and walked up about 600 meters or so from the bridge to a really nice looking pool. Apparently four other gear guys thought so too. Oh well. I fished the tailout with a purple/blue marabou fly with no luck. The water was high with about 4-5 feet of visibility.

    I took off at about 8pm and decided to finish the day at Cracker Bar. When I got there, I was surprised to see that there were only a couple guys there. I started out with the same purple/blue marabou...nothing. It started getting dark, so I put on a yellow/peach marabou fly. Four casts later. Bam! Mr. Steelhead takes off, jumps, and throws the hook. Oh well...it happens.

    Less than 10 minutes later, Bam! I couldn't believe it....another fish. Again, Mr. Steelhead takes off, jumps, and throws the hook. Now, I'm pissed. I thought I had a good hook set, and I knew my hook was sharp....must have been the full moon.

    I've never been fortunate enough to hook two steelhead in the same drift, so I was a little annoyed to lose both of them. Oh well....motivation to get back out on the water.

    The water was very high at Cracker Bar, but the visibility was good....about 4 feet. I was using a type 6 sinktip with a 4 foot leader.
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    Thanks for the update.

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    Hi All,
    Where is the Cracker Bar? Is it easy to access from Highway 2?
  7. Rob Blomquist

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    Cracker Bar is right across the river from where the Sultan River pours in. Yep, its easy to get to, and often crowded with gear chuckers and the water crowded with jet boats.

    I won't tell you anymore, as if you find Sultan, and can't figure out how to get there, well, I would wonder how you learned to use a computer. :WINK

  8. Nailknot

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    Hey mbb- were you fishing Cracker Tuesday night?
  9. mbb1996

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    Yeah, I was there 'til about 9:30pm. No luck this time around. My buddy who was drift fishing caught a chrome bright 7-8lb hatchery hen. I probably shouldn't have been so nice and told him where to cast. :HAPPY

    In high water, I've seen or have caught fish all the way from the top of the ripply water all the way down to the point where you're facing the mouth of the Sultan.

    Were you one of the two guys who was working the top end of the ripply water?
  10. Nailknot

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    Indeed 'twas me. I usually like to fish that upper section or even above the bridge. I tend to enjoy a bit more quiet so i don't fish the Cracker very much anymore (or the Sky for that matter) but it's hard to resist with all the good reports right now! I have to admit last night was one heck of a summer evening with the views looking up the sky valley.

    We should meet up there one of these days. That was my buddy with the spey rod. I usually spend more time on the Stilly and Skagit, have you spent much time on those rivers?
  11. mbb1996

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    Yeah, I actually prefer the solitude as well. That's why I only fish the high pressure spots late in the day when most people are off the water.

    The Sky has been putting out a lot of fish. When my buddy and I floated down from Sultan to Monroe on our pontoons earlier in the month, we saw a lot of fish taken by the boaters. Don't let the high water scare you off the river.

    I haven't fished the N.F. Stilly yet but want to since it's flyfishing only.

    I fished the Skagit a bit late last winter but didn't catch anything exciting but a few dollies. I focused most of my energy on the Sauk, my favorite river so far. I was forunate enough to land a 10lb native buck out of there a couple weeks before the winter season ended.

    Let me know when and where you'd like to meet.
  12. Nailknot

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    The Sauk is great- nice fish!

    I'm moving my office this weekend and heading to BC to fish next week. After that I plan to hit the local rivers extensively :)
  13. mbb1996

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    Fished the Sky on Sunday afternoon. Caught an incidental 12" dolly varden in the Startup area (above the Wallace River). Got out to Cracker Bar at about 4pm and landed a beautiful native hen of about 8lbs. She fought admirably but no aerial acrobatics. I quickly got a picture and sent her on her way.

    The water had dropped quite a bit from Saturday's rains, and the visibility was good....~2-3 feet.